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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  15 Years Later

Image hosted by
It has been 15 years since the murder of Rav Meir Dovid Kahane z"tl. Here is an article written by Rav Binyamin Zev Kahane in honor of Rav Kahane's 6th yahrtzeit:
When people think of Rabbi Kahane, ZT"L, HY"D, they remember a daring and courageous leader who did not know the meaning of fear. His many years of standing in the front lines for Jewish causes in Israel and abroad, confronting empires and well-oiled establishment bodies and enduring along the way constant hatred and antagonism which endangered his very life, inspired admiration in the eyes of most Jews (even if more often than not their admiration was kept in the closet!)
For good reason the Rabbi was perceived in such a way. More than anything else, the Rabbi warned us about the illness of our generation - FEAR OF THE GENTILE. It wasn't so difficult for the Rabbi to come up with such a diagnosis. After all, whenever he spoke to Jews ("religious" ones as well), he was always confronted with the same line: "You're right, but what will America say?..." And thus, there was the need to stress in a big way the subject of trust ("Bitachon") in G-d and the prohibition of fearing mortal man.
It is fear that has caused us to constantly give in and surrender, to the point where fear of going to war has become a legitimate component in our political thinking. But one who studies the Torah outlook on war (parshat Shoftim) will reveal that the central theme concerning war is the prohibition of being afraid! The midrash (Tanchuma, Shoftim) even says: "Your forefathers did not fear them - and they were victorious!" In other words, the key to victory is lack of fear, and faith that "Your G-d is with you!" As an example, the midrash brings down the war in our parsha between Avraham against the four kings: "Do not fear Avraham, I will protect you" (and this is the source for the blessing in the silent prayer, "The shield of Avraham"). And so, when Avraham went out to war to sanctify the Name of G-d and save Lot who represented at the time the side of Avraham and G-d, he fearlessly went out with only 318 men against four powerful kings, and was ready to die in the process - "I will go out and fall on Kiddush Hashem". (Midrash Raba, Lech Lecha)
This concept is also the "halacha", as the Rambam brings down in Hilchot Milachim (7:15) "And when entering into war, one must lean on the Saver of Israel in time of stress... and one must not fear or be intimidated, nor should one think of his wife and children...and he who starts to ponder these things at war time and frightens himself - has transgressed a negative commandment!.." The Rambam continues: "And if he did not win and did not perform in the war with all his heart and soul, than he is like one who spills everyone's blood!"
These shocking words apply to the collective no less than they apply to the individual Jew. If an individual who cannot overcome his natural fears is considered a sinner who has spilled the blood of all Jews, what can one say about leaders whose very mindset and national policy is based on fear of war, fear of the gentile, and tie the hands of the soldiers while they are being shot at!? And so, before Succot last year we saw our soldiers lay bleeding to death before the very eyes of their comrades in battle who sat helplessly by screaming for help, and the help never arrived, because it would have meant having to kill mobs of Arab rioters and murderers - this is all because of the fear of the gentile reaction! If an individual is considered a spiller of blood, what can one say about LEADERS, other than they are downright murderers!!
On the other hand: "And he who fights with all his heart and all his soul without being afraid, and all his intention is to sanctify G-d's Name, it is guaranteed that he will not suffer damage nor will bad come unto him..." Thus is the case for the collective as well. If we fight under the headline of "Kiddush Hashem", "Emunah", and a willingness to wipe out the enemy who is desecreating the Jewish G-d and nation, we are guaranteed to win, and the gentile won't dare open his mouth!
Rabbi Kahane, HY"D, predicted all the events that are happening now. One who reads the things he wrote 15-20 years ago could think he was reading words of prophecy. But no. Rabbi Kahane simply dared to open his eyes and see, refusing to be blind like so many others who were afraid to open their eyes, lest they come to conclusions which would make life uncomfortable for them.
While others were afraid, Rabbi Kahane was not. He fought - and in the end fell upon the altar of the Jewish Nation, with the confidence that his words were not wasted, and in the end the truth will win out.
And if the majority of Jews still don't dare to open their eyes and understand, we the few, the students of Rabbi Kahane will continue to cling to his way, and to carry the torch of truth until we bring the revolution and the Messiah.

  An Eclectic Mix....

Quite a mix of people dropping by the SklarO World. Friends of mine, Perverts, Frummies, Psychopaths....

Last 5 searches that landed people in the SklarO World:
  1. Blue Fringe Shidduch Words
  2. Nasty Breasts
  3. Homemade Mortars **this one is a bit alarming
  4. Sharei Binah **I apologize to the person who searched for Sharei Binah and ended up here.
  5. Noah Federman Interrogation Book **let me know when you find it...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  Finding Meaning at Work

Check out this post from A Simple Jew. While I appreciate the attempt to make my workplace meaningful, I can't see it working for me because not only is the work meaningless but the people are assholes as well. Oh Well.....

Monday, November 07, 2005
  Pip As A Brick

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- posted by Prodly @ Monday, November 07, 2005 (5) comments

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  We Miss You Rehavam Ze'evi

Image hosted by

On the 4th anniversary of the assassination of Tourism Minister and true hero Rehavam Ze'evi, we remember him and bring up some real important unanswered questions.....
Rehavam Amikam Ze'evi, born in Jerusalem in 1926, was a sixth-generation
Jerusalemite on his mother's side. Together with his wife Yael, he had five
children, 19 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Ze'evi served in the IDF
since its founding in 1948 in many positions, including heading the Central
Command beginning in 1968. He retired from the army with the rank of
Maj.-Gen, and was appointed Prime Minister Rabin's counter-terrorism advisor
in 1974. He also carried out many defense missions in various countries, and
was elected to the Knesset in 1988 as head of the Moledet Party that he founded.
Ze'evi served as minister without portfolio in the Shamir government for about a
year in the early 90's, and became Tourism Minister in the Sharon government.
The "story" of his assassination fed to us by the Israeli government via the controlled media is as follows:
Zeevi lived in Jerusalem's Hyatt Hotel on the 8th floor opposite the fire escape. At 6:45 am Zeevi and his wife Yael were eating breakfast in the hotel lobby when Zeevi told his wife that he noticed a man watching him who "wouldn't take his eyes off me".
At 7:00 am Zeevi headed up to his room to prepare for an interview with Arutz-7. At the entrance to his room, he was assassinated. 2 bullets to the head execution style. Immediately the PFLP claimed responsibility.

I remember fully when this happened. Aside from being sad as hell for the loss of a true Israeli leader who actually cared for Jews unlike (Sharon and Peres and co.), I had a very uneasy feeling. I was amazed that the PFLP could pull off such a precise and difficult execution of an Israeli government minister. After all....this was not a mortar attack, or a random highway shooting, or even an old city stabbing. This was a professional execution of very high up minister in a hotel known to house government ministers that should have been guarded like a fortress. Nobody saw anything and the police have no clues.


I smell a conspiracy.

Let's dive a little deeper shall we....

Two days before, Zeevi, the Tourism Minister in the Sharon government, resigned, taking with him Infrastructure Minister Avigdor Lieberman of the Yisrael Beiteinu faction. Zeevi was murdered only a few hours before his resignation from the government was to go into effect, and hours after the murder Moledet decided to stay in the government. He resigned because Sharon was doing nothing to protect Hebron Jews from the arab onslaught. He told Sharon that if he didn't fire Shimon Peres the Jew hating European puppet, that he would quit. Sharon did nothing, and Zeevi quit. The next day, Sharon announced that he would be leading upcoming negotiations with the PLO. However, with Moledet and Yisrael Beiteinu out, Sharon's mandate to conduct such negotiations was severely compromised. Not looking good for the Sharon government.

Some other questions via Barry Chamish:

So where were the bodyguards? When Zeevi spotted a suspicious character at breakfast, why didn't the Shabak check his identity before he could inform the assassin that his quarry was on the way? When the Zeevis went to their room, why were they unprotected? When they left their room before breakfast, why wasn't a guard posted outside their door? Why could the fire escape door opposite a minister's room be opened from the stairs side? Why could the escape car wait outside the minister's hotel without arousing suspicion?

And who knew the minister's routine well enough to provide exact intelligence to the hit squad? Someone inside the hotel perhaps, the bodyguards for sure.

To answer all these questions, the Shabak will claim, as they did after the Rabin assassination, that there was a massive screwup, and that Zeevi didn't want his bodyguards near him, as if he had a say in the matter. But we won't believe them this time, will we?

As long as Israel is run by outside influence through anti-Jewish Israeli puppets, there will never ever be peace.

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