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Thursday, August 18, 2005
  Villains of 'The Disengagement'

Moshe Feiglin suggested that we make a list of the good guys and the bad guys of the Disengagement. So when B"H this government is a thing of the past, we remember who are friends are. Here are the primary bad guys. Stay tuned for the good guys.

Image hosted by
Ariel Sharon -
Sharon fought in every one of Israel's wars since 1948, and was with out a doubt the greatest soldier the IDF has ever seen. The Lubavitcher Rebbe warned Sharon not to go into politics, that his place was with the military. He should have listened. In December 2003, Sharon decided to abandon the Likud platform. The man who did more for building up Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank than anybody else, decided to dismantle them and give them to the palestinians. Why? Because Sharon was being investigated (along with his sons Gilead and Omri) for corruption scandals. States Attorney Edna Arbel was heavily pursuing Sharon and wanted anindictmentt and resignation from Sharon. Criminal mind and close buddy of Sharon, Dov Weissglass decided that the only way to divert the indictment was to 'change public agenda away from the media focus'. Thus Disengagement. So Sharon promoted Edna to the supreme court to shut her up, and AG Mazuz dropped the case against Sharon.

Image hosted by
Omri Sharon -
Prime Minister Sharon's idiot son Omri is about to be indicted for establishing illegal fictitious companies to funnel cash to his father's primary election campaign in 1999. This scum bag raise illegal contributions to his fathers campaign, and will hopefully do some time for it. He faces up to 5 years in jail.

Image hosted by
Dov Weissglass -
Personal aide and attorney for Ariel Sharon. Weissglass was the architect of the suicidal 'disengagement plan'. He came up with the idea while trying to deflect attention from Sharon's corruption investigations. Weissglass is more than just a good friend to Sharon, he was serving his own selfish interests. You see Weissglass has personal interests in the PA Jericho casino as well as the casino that is going to be built in the beautiful Elei Sinai after it has been Judrein. The law firm of Weissglass-Almagor represents the interests of Casino investor and European financier Martin Shlaff whose alleged financial contributions to Prime Minister Sharon's 1999 and 2001 campaigns are under criminal investigation. The expected indictment of Omri Sharon is part of the probe into the Sharon family's connection to various illegal funding sources including none other than Martin Shlaff, the casino investor, who was reportedly a source of the illegal campaign contributions to Sharon. Shlaff's loan is believed by many to have been wired into the account of Sharon's South African connection and friend Cyril Kern before being transferred over to Sharon's account in Israel.

Image hosted by
Ehud Olmert -
I saw Ehud Speak in Chicago a couple of years ago (my mom saw Bibi the same night) when he was still Mayor of Jerusalem. He had the crowd energized. Pledging to fight and kill the terrorists, telling us that the terrorists will NEVER get a state, and that gaza is the same as Tel Aviv. Blah blah blah blah BLAH! LIAR! Ehud is Sharon's number 1 puppet, and I would have some strong words for him should I come to be face to face with him again. I had a brief moment of joy yesterday when I read an article in the JPost about Olmert being heckled by new Olim at Ben Gurion airport....

The sign outside Ben-Gurion's Terminal 1 to greet those who had gathered before
dawn Wednesday for Nefesh B'Nefesh's welcome party for 250 North American
immigrants said "Celebrate Aliyah" and "Focus on your friends and family."
This was, according to one official, the organizers' way of saying, "Let's
not get too political today." Perhaps it was too much to ask on the first
day of forced evacuation from Gaza, with Acting Finance Minister Ehud Olmert
scheduled to address the crowd. In fact, Olmert had barely finished his first
few words when a roar of taunting disapproval came back from many of the new
arrivals and their guests.
The minister responded to the first wave of reproach with indulgence.
"I see some of you already fit right into Israeli democracy," he said.
"Traitor!" cried out a heavy-set man with an orange wristband. "You're stealing Jews' homes!" shouted another.
As the crowd got more provocative, Olmert responded with a taunt of his own, "Maybe if you or a few million of you had come earlier, we wouldn't have had to leave Gaza."
He tried to win the audience back with a strong finish, pounding the podium, "This
place is ours and will remain ours." "You re giving it away," the man with
the orange band bitterly retorted.

The 250 new immigrants certainly picked a dramatic week to land in Israel, and disengagement was impossible to ignore even for Israel's freshest recruits. Robbie Frohlinger, who came from Boca Raton, Florida, and will soon settle in Ra'nana, said that he chose this week's flight to make a statement. "This is our land," Frohlinger said. "While fellows Jews are suffering, others are coming to ensure the future of Eretz Yisrael." Aliyah from North America is reaching new levels. Tony Gelbart, the chairman and co-founder of Nefesh B'Nefesh, anticipates they will bring about 3,200 new immigrants this year, with even higher numbers in the future. Gelbert also saw
significance in welcoming the newcomers at the height of the disengagement
drama. "From [Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon to [MK] Effi Eitam," Gelbert
said, "what they have in common is [enthusiasm for] aliyah." On the plane from
New York, Gelbert told the passengers, "Right now we are torn apart. But aliyah
is the glue."
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin was far more popular than Olmert with the almost entirely religious crowd. "When Jewish homes are being uprooted, it's wonderful to see you building new homes in Israel," he said to great applause. "When Zionism is bleeding," Riskin told the crowd, "you are the transfusion."

Despite the verbal beating Olmert took, he never lost composure and smiled throughout the whole encounter. In fact, after the ceremony he was still feeling confident. "This has been what I expected," he told The Jerusalem Post. "There are many strong emotions and reactions. Had it not been so I would have considered it unnatural." The worst was now over in Gaza, he said. Healing the nation after disengagement will be "a long process, because something significant has happened that has forced Israel to come to grips with fundamental and basic things about itself," he told the Post.
"I hope we will deal with it. Not to confront, but to contemplate," Olmert said.
When asked how he felt about facing the hissing and jeers of the large crowd of new
Israelis, he thrust his index finger into the air. "There was no crowd. It was
all just one idiot."


Image hosted by
Bibi Netanyahu -
Whatever Bibi, you think we're all stupid? Netanyahu recently resigned from the government where he was serving as Finance Minister. While I support his move, I question his motives. Bibi - you gave back land when you were Prime Minister and you voted for the Disengagement under the current regime. You are no better than Ariel Sharon.

Image hosted by
Shaul Mofaz -
Another supreme soldier turned political pawn, Mofaz is Sharon's puppet. Mofaz was appointed Defense Minister under Sharon in 2002. The story of Mofaz is almost as sad as the story of Sharon. Brilliant soldier and tough guy with the arabs, Mofaz fell under Sharon's spell presumably because Sharon appointed him Defense Minister, and is now for the Disengagement.

Image hosted by
Dan Halutz -
Again, Military giant turned Sharon puppet. Air Force commander Maj.-Gen. Dan Halutz was appointed Chief of Staff after Sharon fired Moshe "Bogie" Yallon for doing his job. Yallon warned against the disengagement and was subsequently 'ousted'. Never Forget! Halutz is a pro-disengagement puppet.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, August 18, 2005

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