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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
  Listen World, Listen Jew

Listen World, Listen Jew......I am a ZIONIST.

Maybe it's because of Sinat Chinam. Maybe it's because of secularism. Maybe it's because of a complete and total lack of Emunah. Or maybe we shouldn't even look at it as a punishment from G-d, for this is surely the beginnings of the Geulah and the senseless 'Disengagement' is surely just the means to an end. Still.....

How can I just sit at a desk all day everyday staring at a screen? How can I keep my cool when people around me are complaining about gas prices, or talking about the cubs, or planning what bar they will waste their time at?

Listen World, Listen Jew
You think you are safe in Galut? You think America is the magical land where Jews are free from persecution? You think that you are so safe and cozy that you don't need to worry about your real homeland, the one protected by G-d? Let me ask you something, do you know that the Jews in Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey felt the same sense of security?
Are you so arrogant and entrenched in materialism that you can't see the red flags?

The only place that a Jew stands a chance in the long term is Eretz Yisroel.

The only way for Sharon to get us out of this mess is to step down. He can't very well call it all off this late in the game. He MUST step down and let someone with real Emunah take the reins. It kills me to sit idly by in the comforts of America land of the free, while my brothers and sisters are being persecuted by Jews in our homeland. It pains me that the Jews in America can even smile or go on about their everyday business like nothing is happening. But most of all it pains me that there are Jews in the world, and Jews in Israel that are foolish enough to think that something good can actually come from 'Disengagement'. G-d gave us that land, he commanded us to live there. What right do we have to give it away?

Listen World, Listen Jew
The arabs that fill up gaza and the west bank want us erased from the planet. They say to "kill a jew where he stands". They say that their home is Jerusalem, Ramle, Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Haifa and you think that they will magically be friendly neighbors once we simply give them their own state in Gaza and parts of the west bank?

Listen World, Listen Jew
Sharon, You are simply letting them get closer to their proclaimed goal of pushing us into the sea. Jews have been murdered and persecuted since the beginning of time, and history has proven that weakness does not help. Instead of Bombing Gush Katif they will be bombing Ashkelon and Kfar Maimon. They will have an open port to bring in hundreds of Karine-A ships. There will be no IDF soldier between Egypt and Gaza to stop the arms smuggling. There will be Egyptian soldiers at our back door for the first time in 25 years. You are setting us up for disaster.

You think Bush and Condi are your friends? They aren't. They are forcing us back to the 67

Listen World, Listen Jew........Kahane was right

Image hosted by
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You're partially right. Bush and Condi are not our friends and we're only safe in America if our rights are protected, but Kahane wasn't the answer.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:24 PM

Had we expelled the arabs right after the war BEFORE building the settlements, we would not have the problems we have today, and we wouldnt have to have cement walls all over the place partitioning our beautiful countryside.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 9:10 AM

The only stepping down Sharon should do is into his grave!
# posted by Blogger wops : 12:24 AM

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