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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
  Hero's of the 'Disengagement'

Image hosted by
Aryeh Eldad -
I love this guy. Eldad moved to Sa-Nur in the west bank. He has been on the front-lines in the fight against "Disengagement". Prof. Aryeh Eldad shares the same opinion as I do about the practical solution to the Palestinian problem. Transfer.
There's a state in Jordan now of which 70 percent of the citizens are
Palestinians. The only justification for the existence of the Hashemite king is
a colonialist decision made 90 years ago. So when we say that Jordan is
Palestine, it's not a concession, it's coming to terms with an existing
political fact. In our opinion, this fact can be changed so that the
Palestinians would rule there, and not the Hashemite Bedouin. As practical
people, we are examining what of the vision may be actualized at a given point.
One cannot waste one's time on fantasies. A Palestinian state in Jordan would
offer a political solution to the matter of Palestinian identity.
Retreating from Gaza and the west bank, and closing ourselves in by concrete barriers is not a permanent solution, it's a cowardly retreat that will only produce more death and destruction. The only permanent solution is to rid Israel of the palestinians. Co-existence, or "peace" will NEVER happen.

Image hosted by
Benny Elon -
Became leader of the Moledet party after it's leader, war hero, and friend of Sharon Rechavam Zeevi was murdered by arabs in his Jerusalem hotel. Elon like Eldad recognize transfer as the only practical solution. Elon architected a 7 point plan in protest of the road map and failed oslo accords. It is called 'The Elon Plan':
  • Jerusalem's recognition that Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority, established
    under the lengthy peace process begin in Oslo in 1993, is the enemy of Israel.
  • The forcible removal of all terrorists and all weapons from the West Bank – or Judea and Samaria, as these lands are called by many in Israel.
  • The nullification of the Palestinian Authority as a legitimate entity and the canceling of the Oslo Accords.
  • The establishment of a cease-fire and negotiations under international auspices to relocate refugees in Arab countries and the dismantling of refugee camps, along with the establishment of a Jordan-Palestinian state with Amman as its capital.
  • Arabs who remain in Judea and Samaria would be offered citizenship in the Jordanian-Palestinian state.
  • Arab citizens of Israel also would be offered such status.
  • If the Arabs of Judea and Samaria breach the terms of the agreement, they would be forcibly deported to the other side of the Jordan River.

Simple, yet logical.

Image hosted by
Uzi Landau -
- Pro-separation barrier from arab terror.
- Vehemently opposed to the Gaza retreat
- Pro-lasting Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria

Landau is one of the few Likud members semi-loyal to the Likud party platform. I have to admit that I don't trust him. Although I am weary of any Israeli politician who has no faith in G-D, I particularly question Landau's motives. He recently announced that he would run for the Likud leadership. He may or may not be better than Bibi or Sharon, but he's on this list of good guys, because he has consistently been against retreating from Gaza.

Image hosted by
Moshe Yaalon -
The 17th chief of staff of the IDF. "Bogie" served until June 2005 when Shaul Mofaz decided not to renew his position. There was a lot of friction between Yaalon and Mofaz. I bet the fact that Yaalon warned that the Disengagement was a horrible idea and that it rewarded terrorists had nothing to do with his ousting.

"The Palestinian threat harbors cancer-like attributes that have to be severed. There are all kinds of solutions to cancer. Some say it's necessary to amputate organs but at the moment I am applyingchemotherapyy."
Mosha Ya'alon 8/02 - Haaretz

Image hosted by
Effie Eitam -
In 2004 Effie Eitam, leader of the National Religious Party resigned from the Sharon government in protest of the 'Disengagement' plan. He then moved to Gush Katif settlement Nezer Hazani. Eitam while being very anti-disengagement was prodialoguee with police. He was against the Gush Katif rallies, and was the MK who suggested that the disengagement be 'gun-less' on the settler side as well as on the police/army side. Eitam was a highly respected General and was hero. He commanded a unit in the Raid on Entebbe, and was a company commander in the Yom Kippur war. Eitam is an asset to orthodox Judaism.

Other Hero's:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYitzchak Levy Image hosted by Photobucket.comUri Ariel

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNatan SharanskyImage hosted by Photobucket.comAvigdor Lieberman

- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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