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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  Last 5 CD's Purchased

Image hosted by
The Hebrew Vibration Achdus Project is a compilation of songs mostly related to Gush Katif. I'd say half of the artists on the CD are huge names in Jewish music, and the other half are lesser known Jewish artists who support Gush Katif. All the songs that I knew before buying the album were the only songs that I liked. Soulfarm, Blue Fringe, and The Moshav Band all simply picked a song off of their latest releases for the compilation which I guess is OK except that I think each of those bands could have selected a better song. Regardless, I think everyone should buy the album anyways because of the the proceeds from the compilation go to help Gush Katif causes. Purchase here.

Image hosted by
X&Y is the latest release from Coldplay. The first two Coldplay albums were phenomenal. They set the bar way too high with Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head so unfortunately this album falls a little short. It's not bad, but it's not great either. 2 Stars for X&Y

Image hosted by
Audioslave (Chris Cornell + Rage) rocks plain and simple. There first release was better than most Soundgarden albums from start to finish. I'm happy to report that their second release Out of Exile is as good as the first. 4 Stars for Out of Exile.

Image hosted by
Ray was a great movie with an excellent soundtrack of all Ray Charles songs. I never really knew if I liked Ray Charles or not until the movie Ray came out. The soundtrack is basically a Ray Charles greatest hits collection. 3 Stars for the Ray Soundtrack

Image hosted by
Once again the Moshav Band has proven to Jews everywhere that they should only be singing Torah, and not cheesy English pop. Malachim is not quite as great as Return Again, but what is? Songs like Malachim, Kol, Lman Achai.......they bring a tear. Kidding. So my message to the Moshav is....leave the English Pop songs to Soulfarm because they do it better. You guys are way better at the Hebrew than Soulfarm could ever be. 3.5 stars for Malachim.
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I thought the Coldplay album was boring. OTOH it did sound very 1981 to me.
# posted by Blogger PsychoToddler : 9:32 AM

Extremely boring. 1981 eh? That I don't know.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 3:19 PM

Actually ALL jewish bands that try to sing songs in english are terrible. This includes all english songs by even shsiya, blue frings, soulfarm, and any other band.

It just sounds retarded. Every song has the words "Soul, Holy, High, Brother, Smile, Light" or some other keyword that doesn't quite sound the same unless it's in Hebrew.

It's all too cheesy for me. That's why the new blue fringe album sucks. Too much english.

# posted by Blogger Noah : 4:50 PM

I'll just say that your wrong and address one of your points...
"That's why the new blue fringe album sucks. Too much english"

That stings. Let me give you some advise....liten to it again. Shit Hashirim? MOdim? Hello...did we here the same album?

I love you Rosen but CMON?

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:55 PM

Wow. I wish I new how to edit comments. That was some bad spelling.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:58 PM

yo sklaro. I got a copy of the gush katif compilation and found some of it quite good. the moshav song was great, the blue fringe song was just about as tight a power pop tune you'll ever hear in hebrew or english. the surprises the white shabbos song 8 lights so clever it made me cry. The heedoosh song is one of my faves (I am biased)and I found the Akiva Gersh song simple and charming. Everything else was just fine, but not mind blowing. Yallah Mashiach sounded very dated.

I"ve been listening to 70 faces for about a month. Its got some great stuff on there, and I feel the decision to use more English in the verses and Hebrew in the Chorus is a smart one. They're playing Martyr's on August 20th. Get ready.

# posted by Blogger jewish : 4:43 AM


Modim is a great song. Well, to be specific, it's got great music and a great chorus. But the english verses are so cheesy and stupid. for example:

"But it’s a chance for us to taste of God’s completion,
He reaches out, returns our souls each day."

It sounds like it belongs on christian radio. Ridiculous.

But i do take back what i said. The album overall does not suck. Shir Hashirim is actually a very clever idea. But Dovid Hamelech wrote that. It's an exception.

I still think that blue fringe is one of the best jewish bands out there. They just need to stick with the hebrew.

# posted by Blogger Noah : 8:23 AM

Jewish - Did I ever tell you that I love you? Will Heedoosh be joining them?

Noah - You are entiltled to your opinion. I also prefer the hebrew stuff, but the English is good to. As for 70 faces, I maintain that this is an incredible album. The music is phenomenal, and the lyrics are great. BF are so incredible. You better go to the Martyr's show.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 10:39 AM

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