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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Holiday Weekend Hatred

What would a secular celebratory holiday day be without some sort of public display of hate? I was lucky enough to witness two examples.

The first was on Friday night. At around 11:30 PM my wife and I were walking home from my in-laws house in a heavily orthodox neighborhood. As we were approaching a busy intersection we saw a car that was honking obnoxiously and driving erratically behind another car as it was approaching the intersection. As we crossed the street, some ignorant hateful whore in the crazy car screamed out to us either "Jewish people suck!" or "Jewish people smell". Not sure which one it was, but I was really affected by the whole incident.

The second incident happened on July 4th. Late in the day, I was standing outside my in-laws house talking to the neighbor. My sister-in-law was standing in the street talking to one of her friends through her car window. I noticed a sketchy looking black G20 driving down the street. It was driven by a shaved headed punk, which I'm sorry to say the neighborhood has plenty of. As he passed my sis, he decided to slow down and explode some fircrackers at her bare feet. I'm not talking about those little snap caps either. A cop drove by less than a minute later, and we put him on the G20's tail.

Have I mentioned that people suck?
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reminds me of the July 4th weekend of 1999. I heard the gunshots as I walked home from shul on Friday night with my father. We didn't think anything was strange, because they sounded like firecrackers. When we were almost home, we saw about 10 police cars, marked and unmarked ripping through the neighborhood at breakneck speed. I heard about the rest on the news. All of us West Rogers Park Jews are lucky that the dead asshole, Benjamin Smith, was only using his .22 at the time. Many people from my shul were shot and shot at that night. Thank G-d, no one from our shul was killed. Unfortunately, two other people were later killed when Smith decided to use the larger caliber, .38. Smith was the only one behind a gun that weekend, but he didn't act alone. Unfortunately, ignorant, hateful, manipulative fucks like Matt Hale are still around churning up more violent hatred.

I hope the cops got that son of a bitch, and beat his ass.

They have countries in the Middle East and compounds in Indiana. Never forget that you're a Jew. They won't.

# posted by Blogger velvel : 11:08 PM

Well said. Thanx for sharing the link.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 10:37 AM

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