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Friday, April 29, 2005
  From the desk of: The Alter Rebbe

The Alter Rebbe wrote:
"The souls are all one. Only the bodies divide us."

"Therefore, one who places the body before the spirit can never experience true love or friendship."

It's interesting that if you Google the above quote, you will find that the Alter Rebbe's words of wisdom are a common phrase used in the Chiropractic world.

Shabbat Shalom
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, April 29, 2005 (0) comments

Thursday, April 28, 2005
  The Soul Confusion

Over YomTov I read an excellent and eye opening book by R' Aryeh Kaplan z"tl called 'If you were G-d'. There were many profound eye-openers in this 50 page book which I may decide to share. Here is one concept that I found to be fascinating.

What happens to the soul during and immediately after death?

We are taught that immediately after death, the soul is in a state of great confusion. This is why it's best that a person should have someone near them when they die, so that they do not die alone.
The disembodied soul is very much aware of the physical surroundings of it's body, even more so before the body is buried. This is the reason why Jews bury their dead as soon as possible. In many cases the same day of death.
After the soul is disembodied its sort of incoherent. It is for this reason that the soul will try to hang around the body. This will give the soul some sense of clarity.
During this time, the soul is aware of and identifies with the decomposition of the body. The Talmud thus teaches us that "Worms are as painful to the dead as needles in the flesh of the living, as it is written (Job 14:22), 'His flesh grieves for him'." Most commentaries write that this refers to the psychological anguish of the soul in seeing its earthly habitation in a state of decay. The Kabbalists call this Chibut HaKever, "punishment of the grave." We are taught that what happens to the body in the grave can be even more painful than Gehenom.

R' Kaplan explains, that the more a person is obsessed with there physical body and their own ego, the longer their soul will cling to the decomposing body and go through this horrible process.
A person must realize that their bodies are only temporary. The 'Real World' is the world to come.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, April 28, 2005 (1) comments

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
  I'm sick to my stomach

Those motherfuckers! They will pay a heavy price be it in this world or the next. When you have Jews beating other Jews with a smile on their faces in OUR OWN COUNTRY, it's clear that the shit is going to hit the fan.

Ariel Sharon better fix this situation fast. The secular Jews of Israel are going to destroy our country before the arabs even have a chance.

Watch this clip.

Hattip: Shriemel
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 27, 2005 (4) comments

  Count the Omer with Homer

Image hosted by
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 27, 2005 (0) comments

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
  Chew on this Michael Schiavo

- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, April 26, 2005 (0) comments

  Some creative SPAM

Dear Friend,

I am Mrs. Suha Arafat, the wife of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader who died recently in Paris. Since his death and even prior to the announcement, I have been thrown into a state of antagonism, confusion, humiliation, frustration and hopelessness by the present leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the new Prime Minister. I have even been subjected to physical and psychological torture. As a widow that is so traumatized, I have lost confidence with everybody in the country at the moment.

You must have heard over the media reports and the Internet on the discovery of some fund in my husband secret bank account and companies and the allegations of some huge sums of money deposited by my husband in my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up to the corrupt Palestine Government.

In fact the total sum allegedly discovered by the Government so far is in the tune of about $6.5 Billion Dollars. And they are not relenting on their effort to make me poor for life. As you know, the Moslem community has no regards for woman, more importantly when the woman is from a Christian background, hence my desire for a foreign assistance.

I have deposited the sum of 21 million dollars with a Security financial firm in whose name is withheld for now until we open communication. I shall be grateful if you could receive this fund into your bank account for safe keeping and Investment opportunity. This arrangement will be known to you and I alone and all our correspondence should be strictly on email alone because our government has tapped all my lines and are monitoring all my moves.

In view of the above, if you are willing to assist for our mutual benefits, we will have to negotiate on your Percentage share of the $21,000,000 that will be kept in your position for a while and invested in your name for my trust pending when my Daughter, Zahwa, will come off age and take full responsibility of her Family Estate/inheritance. Please, if you are honest, I am going to entrust more funds in your care as this is one of the legacy we keep for our children. In case you don't accept please do not let me out to the security and international media as I am giving you this information in total trust and confidence I will greatly appreciate if you accept my proposal in good faith and send to me your complete personal contact information.

May God bless you and your household.

Yours sincerely,

Suha Arafat
Reply to

AWwww Poor Suha
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, April 26, 2005 (0) comments

Friday, April 22, 2005
  Hey Mom

Image hosted by

Chag Sameach!
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, April 22, 2005 (0) comments

Thursday, April 21, 2005
  For a successful Aliyah

So there is this guy we know who used to live here in Chicago but he moved to Israel 10 years ago. He comes to the states around 10 times a year for business.

Last Shabbat, I was talking with him at length about life in Israel and about what it's like for him and his family to be olim. Let me just start by saying that this man is fascinating. He is a brilliant lawyer who is living his life exactly the way he wants it. Before he got married, he and his wife both new that they wanted to make Aliyah. They put together a financial plan and decided that they would move once they had $15,000 saved. They calculated that it would take them 5 years to put away the $15,000. They lived extremely modestly, not buying any garbage that they didn't need. They had 1 crappy and lived in a small apartment. They ended up moving in 5 and half years.

They now have 8 children and live happily ever after not far from Tel Aviv. BTW they haven't had a car in Israel since the day they got there.

He told me that the key to be a successful oleh is modest living. He said that you have people in Israel that would love to lend you money, but the reason a lot of people fail is because they can't pay back their debts. They actually still have debtors prison in Israel.

He at one point launched into a calm rant about the problems of Jewish life in America....
"So in America you have to come up with $10,000 - $15,000 a year for tuition per kid. You have 1 or 2 poor schools to choose from, your kids come home from school hating it. The husband has to be making Well over $100,000 to support there Jewish lifestyle which means he's working his 50 hours a week and maybe learning an hour of Torah a week, maybe even 2 hours if he's lucky. He gets see his kids on Shabbat if he's lucky and they're home for Shabbat. Life becomes a struggle to keep up this unnecessary lifestyle in Galut." "In Israel", he says "you only need to pay for books" Only books?? He tells me that ALL of his kids LOVE school. And if they didn't, he'd easily send them to another one.
Continued...."In Israel, if a pregnant lady gets on a bus, 4 people get up to offer up their seats. The lady then sit down and she can pass a $20 up the chain of people to the driver, and the get all of her change passed back to her."

This is my favorite quote from the conversation.."Life in America is a about comfort. Life in Israel is about meaning."

So true.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, April 21, 2005 (0) comments

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
  Hadag Nachash Show

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Sunday night we went to see Hadag Nachash at the House of Blues. We're not big into Israeli music but over the past few months we have become huge Hadag phans.
We "obtained" all 3 of their albums:
  • Hamechonah Shel Ha-Groove
  • Lazuz
  • Chomer Mikomi

I'd have to say that all 3 of their studio albums are 100% solid from start to finish. The music, the samples, the rap...all excellent.

We didn't realize until we got there that it was an all ages show, so it was packed with kids. At one point my wife and I looked over and noticed at the exact same time 2 kids probably 16 years old sloppily making out. It was pretty disgusting.

Hadag proved to be an incredible live act. There amazing positive energy combined with the amazing sound quality of the House of Blues made for an unforgettable show.

We ran into Velvel and Becky at the show when he wasn't mingling with VIPs.

Hadag Nachash English lyrics here. Website here. Pictures here. Velvel review here.

- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 20, 2005 (0) comments

  Insanity in Hebron

Can you explain how it's acceptable to arrest and imprison 5 young girls aged 12-14?

3 five girls were arrested 3 nights ago when a group of young girls were attempting to rebuild a shack located on 'worshippers way' between Kiryat Arbeh and Hebron. The shack was across the street from the site where 2 years ago, 12 Israeli men were murdered by arab terrorists.

The police accused the girls of attacking them which is total horseshit. (See video here)

One of the 13 year olds arrested is Yisca Federman, daughter of Noam and Elisheva Federman. She told her parents that she and the others weren't doing anything – 'we were just there.' "The police saw us and arrested us, for no cause, except our presence at the site," she told them.

Following their arrest, the girls were taken before Judge Cohen, who ordered them to sign a declaration forbidding them to be anywhere near the Hebron Heroes Neighborhood for 90 days. The girls refused. The judge then ordered them to spend the night in jail.

This morning he called the girls into his courtroom one by one, and asked them if they understood that if they continued to refuse to sign the declaration, they would spend all of Passover behind bars. Each girl answered that she understood. He then asked them if they would sign and they all refused, one at a time. Judge Amnon Cohen decreed, 'then you will remain in prison until further notice.'

On the one hand I am so impressed by the strength of these girls it brings tears to my eyes (not literally of course). On the other hand, what the hell is going on with the Israeli government? I think it's pretty obvious that these girls were being arrested purely for political reasons. What's there crime? They are orthodox Jews living in Hebron and that sickens the Israeli left. It infuriates Arik Sharon that the frum Jews won't just pack up their shit and quietly hand their homes over to the terrorists.

Sure Hebron is tough to defend. I understand that the army has to escort Jewish residents from A to B.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

But I hardly think the solution is to pack up and call it a day? What would Avraham Avinu think? We need to crack down, we need to tighten our fists. They think they can hurl boulders at us, we bulldoze there homes. They think they can massacre 12 Jews walking home on Shabbat, we wipe out there entire village. We need a new leader who has the Beitzim to stand up to the challenge. Ariel Sharon is tired, he needs a permanent rest from politics.

The girls are still in jail, and will not be released today. There is a good chance that there Pesach seder will be in prison. G-d should give them strength and comfort.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

UPDATE: This morning Jerusalem Municipal Appeals Court Judge Saban voided the previous Jerusalem Magistrate court decision, requiring that five girls, aged 12 – 14, sign an order limiting their access to the Hebron Heroes neighborhood for 90 days. The girls were released on bond without any restrictions.

These girls should be an example to us all. Stand up for what you know is right, and G-d will do the rest.
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 20, 2005 (1) comments

Thursday, April 14, 2005
  Who side are you on anyway?

You want to kick these people out of there homes.......
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
And give there land to them.........
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
The only comfort for me is that this MUST be the catapult to the coming of Moshiach. What other explaination could there be?
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, April 14, 2005 (10) comments

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  Is it Friday yet?

Image hosted by
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 13, 2005 (4) comments

  Why move to Israel?

Image hosted by

Moving to Israel
By: Sim Zacks

"Why are you moving to Israel?" Surprisingly, this question most often comes from Jewish people, as non-Jews find it very understandable why a Jew might want to live in Israel. It is very hard to come up with an answer to this question; it is so simple and profound at the same time.
God himself gave Israel to the Jews as an inheritance. He said to Abraham, "And this land about which I have spoken, I will give to your descendants as an inheritance forever." While we are currently in exile, even in our own land, the holiness and special feeling of living in Israel still exists. The existing government, no matter what form it may take, cannot remove that holiness no matter what they try to do. Thankfully, we currently have a Jewish government in Israel, and while it is mostly secular it does incorporate a number of religious precepts into the daily living. For example, on Shabbos public buses do not run and commerce is not allowed in most situations. Jewish holidays are national vacation days. The religion that the government espouses is mostly cultural in nature, as opposed to religious, such that non-religious Jews are allowed to violate Shabbos without punishment, but businesses are symbolically closed.

The entire culture of Israel is Jewish. Christmas passes with nary a whimper, except in Christian strongholds like Bethlehem. On Purim all the stores and malls have Purim themes and religious and non-religious alike dress in costumes and celebrate being saved from the wicked Haman. On Yom Kippur, there is barely a car on the highways as everyone keeps the Day of Atonement. There is no need for excuses when you want to take off 8 days for Pesach, or compromising and working during chol hamoed. No matter what religious or cultural philosophy you follow, modern day Israel has a distinct Jewish character. The holy sites around the country are Jewish, for the most part, and respected as such. History that is learned in secular public school contains the Tanach, for the most part, and Israeli non-religious public school kids could beat American religious yeshiva students in a Tanach contest.

The Jewish culture in Israel makes it easier and more enjoyable to live there, but that in itself is not the reason we would want to live in Israel. If that same environment existed in Uganda, as was proposed by a Zionist convention, there would not be the same desire to live there. The land of Israel is only the Jewish place that it is because God gave it to as a special place where he rests his presence on Earth. In Israel everything that happens is magnified. Events that happen in Israel will make front-page headlines globally, while similar events in other countries will never make the news. The powers and inclinations of good and evil are especially powerful in Israel. There are no fence sitters living there. Everyone has an opinion and needs to tell it to everyone, whether it be religious, political social or just about anything else. The Torah learning in Israel reaches levels that cannot be seen in the United States or elsewhere in the world. The Jewish anti-religious groups, on the same note, also reach levels that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world among people of the same religion. The entire world is focused on Israel, a small country about the size of the State of New Jersey, and everything it does has an effect on the world. I don't remember a day in the past 15 years that Israel has not been in the headlines.

Jews have a concept, "If I forget you, Jerusalem, let my right hand be forgotten." It seems that in the 21st century, when Israel has a good economy, there are jobs available and the move is not as difficult as it once was, that Jews have forgotten Jerusalem. Instead of making excuses, which may be very valid, for not going to Israel, they ask for rationale of why someone would want to move there. I believe that since we have forgotten Jerusalem, God has taken it into his own hands to ensure that we remember. Terrorist attacks and national news headlines keep Israel in the Jewish public awareness. If we would all do our part and really remember Jerusalem by moving to Israel and waiting for Mashiach there, rather then merely putting one day, Tisha B'av, to be set aside to mourn her destruction, maybe God would be able to lessen his actions and keep the global headlines to a minimum.

Another great story.

Image hosted by Image hosted by
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 13, 2005 (0) comments

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Have you ever noticed how many of us seem to live "lives of quiet desperation",
as Henry David Thoreau puts it? We feel trapped by forces beyond our control,
trapped in a mindless job, for the sake of money, status or recognition. We
complain that we never seem to have the time for what's really important to us,
because our jobs take so much energy and focus that we hardly have anything left
over. We plod along day to day; sometimes we even dread getting out of bed in
the morning.

We see the futility of the standard, socially approved path
in America. It goes something like this: Go to school, get good
grades, so you can get a "good" job, make lots of money, get a
mortgage and a car and a spouse, keep up with the Joneses, and be "successful".
We know it's not the path for us; we want to define success for ourselves. But
we don't know how to forge a new path for ourselves, because, well, what would
we do for money if we quit? How would we support ourselves? Sometimes there's a
glazed look in our eyes; it's as if some part of us has died. We are just doing
time, working hard and hoping for the next promotion, waiting for the day when
we can throw off our shackles, quit our dull jobs, and finally live life.
Everything gets put on hold until we have more time, or more money. Meanwhile,
life is passing us by.

Why Work?
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, April 07, 2005 (4) comments

  Bend-over Whitey!

No matter what happens to me today, it will remain a great day. Not because tomorrow is Shabbat, but because White Supremecist and notorious cry baby Matthew Hale was given the maximum sentence of 40 years in prison for his crime of conspiring to murder a federal judge.
Hale was convicted last year of asking an FBI informant to murder judge Lefkow.

Image hosted by

ooooooooooo ouch! That's going to be some real hard time for a scrawny little bitch like little Matthew. I'm sure he'll make some large black bubba real happy.

Hale is the piece of crap who dispatched the wacko Benjamin Smith on a shooting spree through Jewish neighborhoods in Chicago and in Skokie which left Ricky Byrdsong dead, before killing himself at the end of a long car chase with police in downstate Illinois.

As the sentance was read Hale was weeping like a little baby and crying about his Daddy.
THAT is what I'm going to remember about Matt Hale.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, April 07, 2005 (2) comments

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, April 06, 2005 (0) comments

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  It's Been A While

Let's see........

Purim was amazing. I had some old friends in town, and we had some good times. Some drinking, some smoking, some chesed, and lots of great music.

Terri Shiavo.....R.I.P.

The Pope..........R.I.P.

MoChassid is happy again

Oh..I can't stomach DovBear anymore.

New site called ENGAGE. Check it out frequently, it's a wonderful new project that I think was started by Israpundit. I may be contributing from time to time when I'm pissed enough about news in Israel.

Matisyahu's live album comes out 4/19, which I'm sure will be better than Velvel's shitty bootleg collection.

Still waiting for the new Blue Fringe album

Moshav Band is finally coming to town on 5/15. Kick-ass! Only problem is, I think it's during the 3 weeks....maybe even the 9 days...ugh. Anybody know for sure?

Kfar has done it again. Davis is bringing in my favorite Israeli band Hadag Nachash. To the House of Blues which should be interesting. Hey Adam How about getting Moshav to do something Kfar as long as their in town?

That's it for now. Make sure to read ENGAGE. Peace.
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, April 05, 2005 (7) comments

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