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Thursday, March 17, 2005
  A Sleeping Jew, is a Dead Jew

From the mouth of Walid Shoebat former PLO terrorist.
Image hosted by
My Mom took me to see him speak last night.
Walid Shoebat was born in Bethlehem. His grandfather was the Muslim chieften of Bethlehem and good friend of the grand fuck of Jerusalem hadj-hameen-al-husseini. hadj-hameen-al-husseini was a nazi ally and personal friend of hitler. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews. hadj-hameen-al-husseini often came to the Shoebat home for meals.

Walid Shoebat told us the story of his first lynching of an Israeli soldier.
He told us the story of his first bomb that he planted (no one was hurt).

He told us the story of the first time he felt bed for the Jews. It was in Chevron when he saw a group of Jews in Chevron getting on a bus to take them to Kiryat Arba and the bus was bullet proof with metal all around it. He saw an arab mob running towards the bus and bombarding it with rocks. Not pebbles, big freeking rocks. At that point he felt angry at himself for having sympathy for the Jews.

Walid told us about how things work in the arab world. Not "Palestine" but the entire arab world. From birth they are taught to hate Jews. They are taught to kill Jews. They are not taught about Jewish heritage or Jewish history or even about the Holocaust. They don't even know what a Jew is but they know that they are pure evil. They are taught that The cannanites, that Avraham Avinu, that Moshe Rabbeinu are arabs. All of their childrens songs are about war and about killing Jews. Walid sang some of the songs he was taught about hating and killing. He then sang us some songs that he personally liked. They were called Shalom Alecichem, Al Col Eleh, and Hatikvah. Songs of peace and hope.

Walid's father came to America and met a naive American girl who new nothing about the arab world. She converted to Islam and married Walid's father. When they went back to Bethlehem to meet Walid's grandparents, she was told that she was now a muslim and could not return to the United States. Ever. She secretly studied the bible and converted to Christianity. She was secretly baptized in a Jerusalem YMCA swimming pool. Walid rescued his mother in 1995 and brought her home to the states to be reunited with her mother (Walid's grandmother) where they live today. She was basically trapped in the arab world for 35 years.

Walid's messages to us were as follows:
- Marry into your faith whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or Athiest.
- The arab hatred towards Jews is not simply an issue of education. It goes way deeper. It's about spiritual brainwashing.
- This conflict is not about occupation. The arabs of Israel lived happily under British rule, Ottoman rule, and under many other leaderships during the 2000 years that we werent the leadership. If it was just an issue of occupation then why do ALL of the arab countries hate us? What did Israel ever do to Iran?
- Don't put up with their refugee bullshit. There are over 850,000 Jewish refuges that were booted out of ALL the 22 arab countries. Why is it that over 1.2 million arabs can live peacefully within Israel and enjoy full benefits, and not one Jew can live in arab lands?
- What good did Oslo bring to Israel? Does anyone in Israel feel at peace? WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE DARE TO TRY PEACE AGAIN?
- Don't trust abbas. He is a Holocaust denying terrorist.
- Never forget Joseph-nacht. They took Joseph's tomb which is holy to Muslims as well as Jews and desecrated it like animals. They shit on it, and painted the dome green. If that wasn't enough they freeking torched it

Walid Shoebat is amazing. This is an arab who sees the truth about Israel and the Jews. He tours the world non-stop trying to show the world the truth about Israel and about Islamic extremism.

He brought us no message of hope. He didn't share any plans for peace, only the reality of the situation. WE ARE AT WAR. There is no hope of peace. He told us that it is a hiostorically proven fact that Israel will be here tomorrow. Israel will forever remain Jewish as long as we stay awake and hold our ground. Giving up land to the arabs is suicide and Sharon must be stopped.

"My definition of Zionism is, Leave us alone"
It's clear that the Jews have been murdered and persecuted long enough. Israel is our home once again so leave us alone.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, March 17, 2005

That's right on. Like I said, Sharon needs to die. He's a traitor and everything he's done in his past has been voided out by his recent actions.
# posted by Blogger wops : 8:07 AM

This guy is absolutely amazing. A jew can get up and say this stuff and he's a fascist. We need more arabs to get up and say this in public.

Thanks for posting this.

# posted by Blogger PsychoToddler : 2:08 PM

Seeing Walid speak was an unforgetable experience.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 9:54 AM

WOPS - Please don't say that the Prime Minister should die. Instead, you could say "should get impeached" or "should resign". I understand your passion and am very sympathetic. I just feel as though you could get your point across without sounding violent and threatening. It might almost be hipocritical considering the real issue is terrorism. Thanks.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 1:45 PM

I agree with Anonymous WOPS. You are insane. Sharon is a corrupt hipocritical dictator, but he has done more for Israel in the last 50 years than most. He deserves to be impeached. That's it.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 2:03 PM

Who said, "My definition of Zionism is, leave us alone" ? It's a great quote. I'd like to post it on my blog, but need the source. Is that you or Walid?

Great post. many thanks,

# posted by Blogger Yael : 2:19 PM

That awesome quote came from Walid Shoebat. Thanks.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 2:22 PM

BTW What's your Blog address?
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 2:23 PM

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