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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
  Office Idiots

Anyone who reads this Blog often probably knows the I HATE my current Job. I have been working at 'The Office' for just under 4 years. We are a software company of anywhere between 20 - 35 employees at any given time. If you've ever seen the movie Office Space then you will understand my workplace. I pretty much can't stand anybody that I work with and the feeling is for the most part mutual. I can't count my office allies on one hand and I've been here longer than everybody except for maybe 10 people.

3 people in particular have really been making it really hard for me lately and I want to strangle them.

The most irritating of them all is an extremely nice muslim fellow from Pakistan who we'll refer to as Foolish. Foolish might be one of the most harmless people I've ever met. While it's refreshing to know a muslim who doesn't care if you are Jewish or Kurdish, the guy is a complete and total MORON. He has been here for 3 years and still knows next to nothing about our products. I have to be working with this guy constantly for I am the Development support for the tech support Engineers who deal directly with the customers. For some reason the Engineering manager who appears to be fairly competent despite the fact that seems to be living his life as if it were still the 1950's, doesn't realize that Foolish doesn't understand the difference between up and down. So what does Engineering manager do?? He puts Foolish in charge of support for 2 customers. Nice.
So on a daily basis I'm retraining him on our platform. Sometimes I think I should just record some instructional tapes for this idiot and he can play them as he's going to bed. That way maybe SOMETHING will sink in. Until then I'll probably just try and grow some more gray hairs and keep hitting the ole punching bag after work.
Here is his photo courtesy of Velvel....

The next guy on difficult list we'll call Carl. The origin of Carl is from the Simpsons (Velvel came up with that dead on comparison). We have to two of the support engineers here are best friend's or best enemy's depending on how you look at it. Anyways they look and bicker just like Lenny and Carl. Well Carl is another guy who has been here for a couple of years and doesn't know much about the system. The difference between Carl and Foolish is that Foolish is a nice guy who is dedicated to the company but just doesn't have any smarts. Carl is a defensive prick who is completely disloyal to the company (and everyone else for that matter) and is to stubborn to learn the company platform. What really irks me is that he whines about other people and other departments to his manager. He is in essence an immature 7 year old with 5 kids. Message to Carl: STOP KEEPING TRACK OF WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE COMING AND LEAVING, AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT HOW LONG I WENT OUT FOR LUNCH. YOUR MANAGER IS AWARE OF YOUR INEFFICIENCIES SO START WORRYING ABOUT YOUR OWN DAMN SELF BEFORE YOU GET FIRED. ASSHOLE.
Here is his photo.....

The last guy is probably the most hazardous. There I no reason to use an alias here because this guy has a nickname already that says it all. Sneazie. This is the 30 year Lucent veteran type if that means anything to you. Basically the guy knows more about telecom and SS7 protocol than any human should. He is the nerd of nerds. The problem is he has the absolute worst breath out of anyone on the planet. You can't possibly imagine the stench and I can't accurately describe it but I'm sure it would smell similar to the inside lining of a hippopotamus carcass that has been rotting in the sun for weeks. Not only that but the guy is ALWAYS sick. He is coughing and sneezing all the time around the office. Normally I would have sympathy for a guy like Sneazie, but he's an inconsiderate schmuck. He will cough or sneeze directly in your face without hesitation. Either he is completely oblivious to the point of no longer being connected to reality or he's some kind of deranged psychopath that gets off by spreading disease. Either way, we've been working on a project together and I'm going out of my mind.
Here is his photo.....

I can go on toughing it out with Foolish and Carl, but if I get sick.....
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Despite the lower pay at my current job, I'm glad I don't have to kill 8 hours a day over there anymore.
# posted by Blogger velvel : 4:11 PM

It really is killing too. It's so freeking pointless and boring. It would be better if I wasnt surrounded by such miserable pathetic losers.

I miss you around here buddy.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:57 PM

Holy fuck. It's people like you that make me love my job. I'm on the road all day, noone looking over my shoulder, I make my own schedule, and most times I tell my boss what to do since he has no clue and takes my word as gospel. I'd either get fired or sued by a coworker for speaking my mind openly to them in less time than it would take to shove my fist in sneazie's face. I wish you luck my friend and may allah bless you and kill the arabs.
# posted by Blogger wops : 7:03 PM

Just tell Sneazy, Dopy and Grumpy to suck a fart out of your ass. Its really very simple
# posted by Blogger roy : 3:51 PM

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