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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
  Matisyahu Controversy

I've noticed a lot of Lashon Hora laced yacking going on about Matisyahu over the past week. Most of it critical and ignorant. Members the ridiculous Yahoo Jewish music group as well as Jewish bloggers MoChassid, Steven Weiss, and BlogInDm have all had there say. Here are some great quotes...

"Someone performing reggae in BB King's and any night/dance club across America, doesn't’t represent JEWISH music."

"What I'm missing here is what exactly is spiritually uplifting about reggae??"
And Dumber

People are ridiculous. Obviously the critics don't know their heads from their asses. If they had actually even bothered to listen to Matisyahu before making diarrhea out of their mouths, they would know that he is a holy man. His first and only album Shake Off The Dust...Arise is packed with Torah. The album includes lyrics words from Psalms, Niggunim from the Rebbe, and original lyrics all about Torah and finding love in Judaism.

Matisyahu (Matthew Miller) is a Chabad Ba'al Teshuvah. He had dreads and toured with Phish, which is where he first started to "thirst for Judaism".
Matisyahu spends his days learning in Yeshiva in Crown Heights when he isn't on tour spreading his love of G-d and Judaism.

Now why in the hell would any G-d fearing Jew have a problem with that?
The man is reaching out. I have a feeling a large percentage of the people who go to his shows would not otherwise be making a spiritual connection that night if they weren't seeing Matisyahu. I don't care if he's playing at BB Kings or 770, he's bringing Judaism to a genre of music that has never been explored by a religious Jew.

Leave it to the bitter Misnagdim to try and ruin a good thing.

So....Get the album, and check the website. He's coming a city near you!

Also, Matisyahu will be on Carson Daly TONIGHT

UPDATE: Read Psycho's take on the issue.
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Not if Chicago is a city near you. The closest he's coming is Milwaukee or Madison.

Road trip?

# posted by Blogger velvel : 3:54 PM

Milwaukee is a city near you. 1.5 hours drive. There is an opener so he doesnt go on till after 8:30. Tickets are $8 at the door.

I'm already there. We'll talk

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 3:56 PM


I have no doubt for a second that Matisyahu is a holy Jew who means very well and sincerely wants to be m'karev Jews. I don't question his motives for a moment. And, one need not even address the question of whether his music is Jewish or not; even conceding that it is doesn't answer the main concern that I have.

Even the best motives don't necessarily produce the right results. The question for me is whether by playing in the clubs that he does (I'm speaking only about NY; I can't speak for the out of town scene) and attracting Jewish high school teens to an environment that is far from holy (whether or not Jewish music is being played) he is being m'karev Jews or being m'rachek Jews.

Steven Weiss's proposition that it isn't a big deal because kids don't need to go to BB King's to score drugs is silly; of course that's true. But it doesn't change the fact that many kids are attracted to an environment where they don't belong and are unprepared for.

# posted by Blogger MoChassid : 10:11 AM

Geez, you guys make it sound like B.B. King's is in the diaspora. Duh, its in Times Square, which is near the Jewelry District (Chassidim) and plenty of kosher restaurants. Its actually a pretty shitty place to see a show. It doesn't even come close to the Chicago House of Blues.

# posted by Blogger roy : 11:47 AM

Oh yeah, and if you wanna see him perform on Jimmy Kimmel, here:

It might take a cool minute to load.

# posted by Blogger roy : 11:50 AM

Correction: Matisyahu's performance on The Last Call with Carson Daly airs this Thursday night, the 20th, on NBC. It starts at 1:35am, so if that's too late for you, TiVo it or set your VCR to record.

Matisyahu's performance is at the end of the show, but you're not going to want to miss Carson's opening words. Although I wasn't shocked, I certainly was not expecting those exact words. Let's see who's first to post a transcribed quote of his opening, historical words.

And on the topic of BB King's, check out Refuge Live at BB King's on Matisyahu's music page:


# posted by Blogger Saad : 10:49 AM
# posted by Blogger velvel : 8:12 PM

Thanks for the link
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:53 PM

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