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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
  SklarO World vs Agriprocessors

I'm completely horrified.

No longer can you assume that Kosher slaughter is humane. The cow does not always die instantly as the Talmud stipulates. In fact, I would goes so far as to say that if you are eating Rubashkins or Aarons.....YOU AREN'T EATING KOSHER MEAT!

PETA has released an undercover videotape of the insanity that is Agriprocessors Inc. It shows the cows in the Postville, Iowa jumping around, thrashing, and screaming in pain long after there throats were cut and there bodies dumped out of the metal tub that holds them while they are "killed". Rabbi Genack of the OU, the company that certifies Aaron's Best as kosher says that.."The perfect model is the headless chicken running around". Bullshit!!! Those animals are extremely alive. Watch the tape and decide for yourselves.

Thankfully, I haven't eats Rubashkins or any other meat in over 2 years. Now is a good time to take a little break from meat.

New York Times article
PETA undercover video
See what Dov Bear has to say.

UPDATE: See the Jerusalem Post article!
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I didn't watch the video because, although almost nothing can make my eyes get "misty", watching animals die or suffer almost makes me cry. I grew up with alotta animals in my house and I have a very soft spot in my heart for ALL of them. Having said that, all I wanna know is if there was a response from the accused regarding this video. LIEberals always like to say noone has any right to judge anyone else. None of us should judge the Rabbis here until we hear their side of the story. If the truth is what the video allegedly shows then fuck 'em. They should die the same way the animals did.
# posted by Blogger wops : 8:19 PM

Whoa. Wops, say it ain't so.

Let me get this straight: Killing a homosexual or an Arab is perfectly acceptable. But if a freakin' cow, that you are going to kill and eat anyway, suffers for 30 seconds before he dies, THAT makes you cry??

Are you going to become a vegetarian now?

# posted by Blogger Noah : 8:26 AM

As a matter of fact Wops, Israel's Chief Rabbinate is effectively agreeing with PETA. They said they WOULD NOT CONSIDER THE COWS IN THE VIDEO TO BE KOSHER.

This is a very serious issue, not to be taken cynically. If you eat meat and are strict about your kasharut, you should be paying close attention.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 9:10 AM

It's no secret that a large percentage of cows from "kosher" slaughterhouses are not kosher, and are therefore not sold as such. You should also remember that PETA is showing the worst cases. You can notice that when a second cow comes out of the device, it is almost always quite sedate.

Whether or not the actual method of slaughter is correct is something to consult a Rabbi about. While I'm no expert, I had thought that the shochet can make only one cutting stroke.

# posted by Blogger Eliyak : 3:59 AM

There is no room for "almost" or "usually" when dealing with animal cruelty OR Kashrut. Kashrut demands that one single slice by a Jew kill the animal. What is shown in the video is despicable. Something needs to change NOW.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 11:11 AM

Noah, the difference between a homo & an arab is that the sand-nigger and the faggot can make choices on their own. They can control their own destiny so to speak. The cow has no choice, did nothing wrong and doesn't try to impose it's views on anyone else. Therefore the cow is treated differently.
# posted by Blogger wops : 10:18 PM

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