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Friday, December 10, 2004
  AP.......Gotta love em

The Associated Press does it again. Another incredible story. Please read the following un-biased and beautifully written piece of jouralism in an article cleverly titled.....

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Girl

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli troops shot and killed a 7-year-old Palestinian
girl on Friday after militants fired mortar rounds at a Gaza Strip settlement,
injuring four Israelis, one of them a child, officials

Palestinian militants fired three mortars at the Neve
Dekalim settlement, which is adjacent to the Khan Younis refugee camp -
seriously wounding three Israelis, one of them a child, the army said. A fourth
Israelis was lightly injured. In response, soldiers fired at the refugee
camp, where the mortars were apparently fired from, killing 7-year-old Rana
Siyam, Palestinian security sources said. The army had no immediate comment.
Palestinian militants often fire homemade mortars and missiles into Gaza Strip
settlements, but rarely cause injury or damage.

Let me just say that with this type of reporting, it's no wonder why everyone hates Israel.
Let's analyze the article shall we...

Skipping over the brilliant title,
What really happened looks to me like another prime example of arab terrorists performing their daily barrage of mortar attacks on Israel, while moving there children to the front lines in the hopes that Israel will retaliate and if there lucky, kill a child so the arabs can will another media battle. Another possibility is that the terrorists simply shot the girl themselves and are simply Setting up the Israeli army.

The AP has the nerve to say .....

In response, soldiers fired at the refugee camp, where
the mortars were apparently fired from, killing 7-year-old Rana Siyam,
Palestinian security sources said.
Apparently fired from, eh? That's nice. Real accurate. Why don't you ask the
Israel's who are 'apparently' in shock from a mortar landing on there fucking
bed where they sleep, if the scum actually fired mortars or not

Or how about this gem.....

Palestinian militants often fire homemade mortars
and missiles into Gaza Strip settlements, but rarely cause injury or

Rarely cause injury or damage??? RARELY CAUSE INJURY OR DAMAGE??!!!! You
heartless insensitive Satan loving shit-bags. I'm not sure if that statement has
me laughing or crying. I'll let the facts disprove the AP.

Source 1
Source 2

The fact is that Neve Dakalim and most other settelments recieve daily
(literally every day) attacks from mortars and snipers from Gaza. The fact is
that there is OFTEN damage. Buildings are destroyed including houses,
schools, and Shuls. People ARE often hurt. People are routinly treated for shock
and shrapnel. Whether or not you agree with the settelments, the people who live
there are some of the most pure and lovingon our planet. Meet them before you
condemn them. Either way, the world seems to be overlooking the fact that the
arabs are bombing people civilians whether you consider them innocent or not.

If that is an acceptable form of negotiation for the world, then maybe we
should start bombing Jordan.

- posted by Prodly @ Friday, December 10, 2004

Did you also notice that they gave the Arab victim a name(Rana Siyam)? What the hell is a 7-year old doing on a battlefield anyway? They could use Social Services there.
# posted by Blogger roy : 12:41 PM

And yer surprised why? This is nothing new. That's why they're called the Criminal Liberal Media. LIEberals don't like Israel, which is just one of many reasons why they're hypocrites. Equal rights they say, as long is it's not for Israel and it is FOR the Arabs.
# posted by Blogger wops : 6:39 PM

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