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Monday, October 11, 2004
  Fahrenheit 911

So I saw Fahrenheit 911 over the weekend. I thought it was great. I often bash Michael Moore for his style of "reporting". His name isn't even allowed to be mentioned around certain family members. The truth is Michael Moore is at least very entertaining. He often presents partial truths as fact. He takes news clips and edits them to tell the story the way he wants it to be told. I like Michael Moore because he goes after people and corporations that are otherwise untouchable. We need people like Moore to make a difference in the way big corporations and Governments treat us nobody's. People must remember to take Moore's presentations with a grain of salt. Take the issues he brings up, and find the truth for yourself. DON'T BELIEVE MOORE WITHOUT CHASING DOWN THE FACTS.

Fahrenheit 911 was the best documentary that I've seen from Michael Moore. I learned a lot about the dangerous US dependency on Saudi Arabia. The Bush Administration is real tight with the Saudis and I hope that changes as a result of the film. I don't think that simply electing John Kerry as our president will make the slightest difference in US relations with the Saudis.

I don't want to pick apart every detail of the movie but I will say that I thought he portrayed the Iraqis as a peaceful nation that was attacked simply because of oil. I believe this to be total bullshit. Saddam and the ruling Baath party are the worst kind of Jew hating scum around today. They bombed Israel, and they support arab terror against Jews and Americans. Iraq was a haven to some of the most wanted terrorists on the planet. Moore showed us none of these facts. Only children skipping rope and playing. A perfect example of typical Moore journalism. I know the bush administration hasn’t been totally truthful with the American people. I also feel like they created a sense of fear that the US was in grave danger, when in fact we werent. The bottom line on Iraq for me is that Saddam need to go and Bush wasn't truthful in his reasons for war. Saddam is gone.

I was planning to vote for Bush before I saw the film, and I'm not changing my vote.

I'm glad Moore exposed certain things about the Bush administration but I still think Bush did the right thing, whatever his motives were.

UPDATE: If you have a few minutes, you should read this by Christopher Hitchens.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, October 11, 2004

Dude, I don't know if I should kick yer ass or laugh. Are you serious!?! If you so much as believe even one thing you see in that hitler like propaganda film then you need to have yer head examined. He lied about the relationship with the Saudis, one that was equal with the Clintler regime as well by the way. He lied about Bush lieing to go to war. Bush as well as many LIEberals thought there was an IMINENT threat. Bush isn't that stupid, he wouldn't lie to the world and not expect to get busted. Go to Rush Limbaughs web site where he breaks down every lie in that sick twisted fucked up fat tub 'o lard shit face film. Dude, please please tell me you weren't serious.
# posted by Blogger wops : 8:06 PM

Listen friend, there are definite reasons for concern in regards to the US relationship with the Saudis.

Post the link to the Rush perspective on the movie. I couldnt find it on his site.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 11:30 AM Anything else?
# posted by Blogger wops : 12:26 PM

There is know actual Rush position which is what I thought you had. Only a collection of links which dont include any regarding the Bush relationship with the Saudis.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 1:12 PM


A thoughtful post. Not too many right-wingers would have looked at the film so honestly. My bind is this: I can give you 90000 reasons to vote against Bush, but I can't find a sigle reason to vote for Kerry.

Bush was an atrocious president, but Kerry has run an atrocious campaign.

What to do?

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 3:56 PM

I dont think Bush was an atrocious President at all. I think a played the hand that was given to him quite well. I'm glad that he waged a war on terror and had the balls to go after arab dictators. They now know that their actions have consequences. I also happen to be quite pleased with his domestic conservative polices on all of the controvercial issues. I think the economy will continue to improve and I think the war on terror will rage on. We are finally putting a scare into to fearless Syria.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 10:40 AM

I agree that Kerry ran a horrible campaign, but I will disagree with you on Bush being an atrocious President. I think a played the cards he was dealt quite well. I am in agreement with Bush's conservative stance on most of the controvercial issues. I am very proud that after 9/11 Bush raged a war on terror. I doubt any Democratic President would have taken revenge on militant Islam.

It's about time that the US stood up to Islamic dictatorship. We took out the taliban, and Saddam. We have captured or killed thousands of wanted terrorists including uday and qusay. We scared ghadafi into turning over his weapons of mass destruction. We are putting fear into the fearless Syria.

We can't back down now.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 12:12 PM

Haven't checked your blog in a long time... thought I'd see what's up. For the first time since I started reading it, it looks like we've switched roles. I thought F 9/11 sucked. I (moderately) enjoyed Bowling for Columbine, as it was pretty amusing, but as a documenter, Moore sucks.

The first 1/4th of the movie was standard "bush is lazy" bashing. Yes, yes... he did a lot of vacationing before 9/11. Its been said, and its gotten boring.

I agree that the second 1/4th, about the Saudi's, was the best part. But it didnt' have anything I hadn't read before, and he certainly goes over the top in his implications of scandal. Furthermore, (and I know this doesn't bother you - as a self-proclaimed racist) the whole segment was disturbingly racist. Ominous music and the suggestion of scandal as various pictures flash across the screen of Bush senior shaking the hands of (hold your breath) an Arab! And wearing a turban! Clearly this administration is corrupt if they're willing to (literaly) shake hands with Arabs.

The last 1/2 of the movie was emotional dribble. Tear jerkin g music and the poor mom who lost her son. I like content. Obviously war sucks, but a documentary needs a few facts. How about the 9/11 comission hearings? Show us that the war has been ineffective. Give a little substance. Watching a woman cry for an hour is a waste of my time.

Anyway - about a month before I saw F911 I saw a different documentary on the war called "control room." Its a documentary about Al Jazeera, and their perspective on the war. If you were willing to watch F9/11, you should definitely check out control room. Its an excellent documentary.

# posted by Blogger dov : 3:34 PM

Good to have you back.

I enjoyed the movie because I feel that Moore is extremely entertaining. He is most definitaly a major spinner, and I thought it contained a lot of crap. The Saudi stuff was indeed enlightening.

I know about Control Room, and have been waiting for Netflix to get it. 10/26 is the date.


# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:34 PM

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