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Monday, October 18, 2004
  The Blue Fringe Concert

My wife and I saw The Blue Fringe last night. I had heard a couple of clips form their website, but I didn't really have any expectations going into the show. I know my wife is not really into Jewish music unless there is substantial musical backing to the Jewish themes, so I must choose wisely which Jewish concerts that drag her to. I brought her to Reva L'Sheva and Piamenta which she loved, and of course the local favorites Even Sh'Siyah, Ra'ashan, and Farbringiton. The Blue Fringe seemed like a safe bet.

So the concert venue was the North Shore Center For Performing Arts in Skokie. Beautiful new venue. Very clean and classy. It seats around 850 people. The crowd was 80% children younger than 15, some under a year old. 10% parents, and the rest was people like me and my friends who just wanted to hear some good Jewish Rock and Roll.

The opening band was a local high school band. They played 3 songs, and they SUCKED.
The Blue Fringe came on around 4:45 PM, which is really really early. It all made sense once I saw the crowd. They all had to be in bed by 7:30, so the show was called for 4:00. Fine by me.
The Blue Fringe rocked. The band was extremely tight. They have a lot of slower Pop songs which were not to cheesy, and a few rocking jam songs. I heard what I thought was Radiohead, Rappers Delight, and the end of the rockin first set was Phish's First Tube. Kick ass.

After a little walk in the lot I was ready for the second set.

The second set seemed more mellow to me than the first although I could be wrong, It was a bit of haze. It was definitely a short set though. My wife seemed to enjoy the show very much.

Overall, the show was great and the crowd was really insane. I'm happy to know that high school kids (especially girls) are listening to good Jewish music.

Checkout Velvel's review.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, October 18, 2004

Walk in the lot for a joint?

Blue Fringe SUCKS. There stuff is totally derivative. It's basicly pop music. Radiohead sucks too.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:15 PM

Blue Fringe IS basically pop music but they can really go off the path and jam out. To say that they SUCK is innacurate and ignorant.

You think you know music big shot? Why dont you crawl back under your indie rock, the mainstream doesnt want you anyways.

BTW I don't like Radiohead.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 2:31 PM

"Walk in the lot" - you figured out what it means all by yourself?

The first comment SUCKS. It's totally derivative. It's basicly pop. You suck, too.

# posted by Blogger velvel : 2:36 PM

Hey J-Rose here. I definitely side with the anonymous guy on this one. Blue Fringe are basically devoid of any talent--none of the 4 guys are even decent musicians. The lead singer does have a good voice but that's about it. Just because they happen to be Jewish and play "mainstream" rock does not mean they are all of a sudden this amazing Jewish jam band.

I'll admit that I have not heard much of their music, and I really have no desire to. The lyrics on their few original songs are laughable, and the flow and rythym of their tunes leaves much to be desired.

Prodly I expected better from you. First Tube? Gimme a break--these guys are awful.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:57 PM

J-Rose? Are you a moron?

Aren't you the same guy who danced on stage with Soulfarm last year?

You decided to hate Blue Fringe before actually listening to them. There's no possible way you cannot like the song "shir hashirim." It's just not possible.

So relax there, josh, just because they're not phish, doesn't mean they're not good.

p.s. I bet you can't name me one radiohead song besides "creep" and "high and dry."

# posted by Blogger Noah : 7:24 PM

I never mentioned anything in my post about Radiohead you cock. I could care less about them. The 1st anonymous poster wasn't me.

And I never said they weren't good because they're not Phish. I said they're not good because they lack musical talent.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 7:28 PM

J-Rose said "cock"? HA! See FahrenHYPE 9/11 Go W '04!
# posted by Blogger wops : 11:29 PM

JROSE - You admit that you havent given them a shot, which is where the problem lies. I saw them in concert and they rocked.

BTW I said they could jam. Dont exagerate my words.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 11:17 AM

Looks like I missed a good show. Bummer. I was busy playing a chupa (yay--money!)
# posted by Blogger PsychoToddler : 11:56 AM

Noah: "hey, Josh, the Blue Fringe concert was awesome. You should have gone."

Josh: "No way, they suck!"

Noah: Really? but you've never really heard them before. I'm telling you, they're pretty good."

Josh: "No! I said they suck! and they suck! They're just a stupid hippie-jewish-poser band."

Noah: "So you've only listened to a few songs, have never seen them play, and know nothing about them. Yet they suck??"

Josh: "Yes."

Who's the cock??

# posted by Blogger Noah : 1:14 PM

Oh yeah, did anyone else notice that the short guy at the bottom of the blue fringe picture looks exactly like Asher Mendelsberg?
# posted by Blogger Noah : 1:17 PM

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