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Thursday, October 28, 2004
  The Begining of the End.....

In 1992 arafat survived a plane crash. He has survived countless bombings. Can he survive stomach cancer? How about old age? Reports are that he is in and out of conciousness. I have heard in recent months reports of Heart burn, kidney stones, Gall Bladder, and now stomach cancer. He is even asking for his wife. You know Suha? The terrorist queen living the life of a queen in Paris while her people are living in garbage and killing themseleves. Now where did you say the hundreds of millions of dollors went that has been donated by the world to the palestinian cause? Oh yeah, Arafat is thought to have salted away between $US300 million and $US1.3 billion in bank accounts worldwide. All palestinian aid money.

The point is arafat will soon be dead, and Israel will be safer.

In the spirit of this joyous time of arafats ill-health, I will share a letter that I first read in the comments section of a Jewschool post. Follow this link to Yisroel Goldstein's webpage and get a different perspective about the incidents surrounding the death of Dr. Goldstein. Not the media spinned version.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
  Dr. Pauly Blogger Loser

So a funny thing happend. You may have seen on SklarO World posts about funny searches that landed people in SklarO World, I think I've done it 2 or 3 times. Well, Dr. Pauly left a comment in my most recent one that went like this..

"Way to be original, ripping off this "referral list" idea from my site."
posted by Dr. Pauly : Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hmmm.... OK. So where does this shmuck come from you ask? I started reading his Blog a few months ago because he is big into Phish. Its a pretty decent Blog so I linked him. The one thing the irritates me about his Blog is that Dr. Pauly is so nauseatingly full of himself that its hard to read sometimes. The reason as it seems to me, is that all of the comments on his posts are ALL from people who kiss his ass like I've never seen before. I'll give you some exact quotes..

"Another great read Pauly. Thanks. Your memory and attention to detail is
astonishing. The mark of a great writer you know."

"Ya wanna know what the hell you created?? You created an amazing and
hugely successful site for everyone to enjoy. THANK YOU!"

Who the fuck leaves ridiculously pathetic comments like that? Thats for another post. I have found that master blogger Pauly IS A COMMENT DELETER! Pauly made a post on his Blog whining about people taking his brilliant google search idea and not giving him credit.
I commented on Pauly's post AND HE MANIPULATED THE COMMENT AND BANNED ME FROM COMMENTING ON HIS SITE. Loser. Well here is what I had to say about the dictator...

" Whatever loser. In-case you havent been to any Blogs outside of the usual
(yawn) groups of un-original Blogging dorks who do nothing but worship your ugly
average inflated ass, PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS. What an original idea....Analyze your sitemeter, and observe the funny searches....HMMmm thats
kinda funny, maybe I'll post that. That is such a unique idea, you must be a

Here is what he changed it to...
"What an original idea....Analyze your sitemeter, and observe the funny
searches....HMMmm thats kinda funny, maybe I'll post that."
The reason everyody on his Blog licks his balls is because he's a scared little comment nazi. I dont care what anybody has to say to me, I don't delete comments. That's what bitches do. Are you a bitch Pauly?
So all ya'll loyal to the SklarO World, be sure share your feelings over at the Doctor's.


Nice jacket, Loser.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
  Yitzchak Rabin Memorial Day

On 6-9-1997 the Knesset passed a bill that would establish 12 Heshvan (the Hebrew date of Rabin's assassination), Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day. The day would include the lowering of flags on public buildings to half mast; special activities in schools; and a special note of the day on IDF bases. A memorial service would also be held next to his grave on Mount Herzl.

So today is Yitchak Rabin memorial day. I will include a few words about Rabin and maybe even a few about his old friend Mr. Sharon.

Yitchak Rabin was born on 3-1-1922 in Israel. He would eventually become Israel's first native born Prime Minister. In 1940 he joined the Haganah and helped to fight the British out of Israel. In 1964 he became Chief Of Staff, and had a played a major roll in winning the Six Day War. In 1968 he became Israel's Ambassador to Washington. In 1974 he succeeded Golda Meir as Prime Minister. In 1976, approved the Entebbe raid, in which he authorized the operation of Israeli commandos in the rescue of more than 100 Jews held hostage there. In 1977 he resigned as Prime Minister. As defense minister (1984-90) in the Labor-Likud coalition government, Rabin ordered a harsh crackdown in the West Bank in the late 1980s in an effort to end the Arab uprising there. In 1992 Rabin led Labor to victory and became Prime Minister for the second time. In 1993 Rabin signed an unprecedented "peace agreement" with yasir araFAT that would give the arabs self rule in gaza and the west bank.

Rabin was an amazing man with a lot of accomplishments. He was a great soldier and a lousy Prime Minister. He wanted what all Israeli's want. To live in peace. He did however make a detrimental mistake. He broke the golden rule of the Israeli Government. He made a deal with terrorists.

On 11-4-1995 he was assassinated by Religious Jew, Yigal Amir.

Today, Sharon is repeating history only he is going about it in a completely different manner. He isn't negotiating with terrorists. In fact, he isn't negotiating with anybody. Not the arabs, not the Americans, not the quartet, not the Likud, not the Israeli people. He is Unilaterally disengaging from the arabs.

I believe that disengagement is necessary however that is not the topic of discussion here. The problem with Sharon is that he is alienating the people of Israel. In an Israeli democracy that just doesn't play. He knows the Israelis are tough and wont stand for it and that is why he is surrounded by 6 - 10 bodyguards at all times, whether he is speaking in the Knesset or taking a piss. He is all to aware of the consequences of his actions.

I wish Sharon the best. I only hope that as a public servant he does what the people of Israel want him to do and not what's on his personal agenda.
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, October 26, 2004 (0) comments

Monday, October 25, 2004
  Some funny searches

Here are some searches that have landed people in the SklarO World over the past week....Quite an eclectic group here....

  • blue fringe review
  • girls in rubber boots
  • who's better for israel bush or kerry
  • keyes awful truth
  • zev goldberg
  • reverse ozmosis
  • phish zionists
  • kol sason ve kol simcha kol chatan ve kol kala
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, October 25, 2004 (4) comments

Thursday, October 21, 2004
  Who said there was no fun in SklarO World?

Check out my Co-Workers from 'The Office'

  Mazel Tov!

Congratulations to my old friend and avid reader of SklarO World on his engagement.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  JRose on Phish

Since our man JRose knows so much about music I thought I'd share this article he wrote about the Phish hiatus of 2000 incase you havent seen it.

Here you go.
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, October 19, 2004 (1) comments

Monday, October 18, 2004
  The Blue Fringe Concert

My wife and I saw The Blue Fringe last night. I had heard a couple of clips form their website, but I didn't really have any expectations going into the show. I know my wife is not really into Jewish music unless there is substantial musical backing to the Jewish themes, so I must choose wisely which Jewish concerts that drag her to. I brought her to Reva L'Sheva and Piamenta which she loved, and of course the local favorites Even Sh'Siyah, Ra'ashan, and Farbringiton. The Blue Fringe seemed like a safe bet.

So the concert venue was the North Shore Center For Performing Arts in Skokie. Beautiful new venue. Very clean and classy. It seats around 850 people. The crowd was 80% children younger than 15, some under a year old. 10% parents, and the rest was people like me and my friends who just wanted to hear some good Jewish Rock and Roll.

The opening band was a local high school band. They played 3 songs, and they SUCKED.
The Blue Fringe came on around 4:45 PM, which is really really early. It all made sense once I saw the crowd. They all had to be in bed by 7:30, so the show was called for 4:00. Fine by me.
The Blue Fringe rocked. The band was extremely tight. They have a lot of slower Pop songs which were not to cheesy, and a few rocking jam songs. I heard what I thought was Radiohead, Rappers Delight, and the end of the rockin first set was Phish's First Tube. Kick ass.

After a little walk in the lot I was ready for the second set.

The second set seemed more mellow to me than the first although I could be wrong, It was a bit of haze. It was definitely a short set though. My wife seemed to enjoy the show very much.

Overall, the show was great and the crowd was really insane. I'm happy to know that high school kids (especially girls) are listening to good Jewish music.

Checkout Velvel's review.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, October 18, 2004 (14) comments

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
  Militant Liberals

There is a growing problem in North America and Europe, and I'm not talking about militant Islam at the moment, but rather militant Liberalism. I'm talking about the anti-Israel/Pro-Palestinian campus rallies, I'm talking about the "Anybody but Bush" crowd, I'm talking about the French. These people are filled with hate and rage. Next time you see a clip from a pro-Palestinian rally look into the eyes of the attendees. Pure hatred. It is very alarming.

There are a large number of vandalism reports all across the country involving President Bush's campaign headquarters.
  • Spokane WA. - Stolen petty cash, and attempted to steal a computer that was loaded with information from the Republican get-out-the vote program.
  • Bellevue - Computers that stored the Republican get-out-the-vote database were stolen.
  • Canton, OH. - Offices burglarized
  • West Virginia - Shots fired at the headquarters there.
  • Florida - Shots fired at the headquarters there.
  • Tennessee - Shots fired at the headquarters there.
  • Chicago - Some fuck ripped my George Bush bumper sticker off my car.

There are no suspects in any of the burglaries or shootings and no injuries were reported.

Militant liberals disgust me. They are dangerous people and they are masters at the art of hypocrisy. Let me find the scared bitch who touched my car, and they will be driving the largest mobile pro-Bush advertisement in the City of Chicago.

BTW - I have 1 suspect. HEE HEe Hee hee hee hee hee HA Ha ha ha hahaha

Monday, October 11, 2004
  Fahrenheit 911

So I saw Fahrenheit 911 over the weekend. I thought it was great. I often bash Michael Moore for his style of "reporting". His name isn't even allowed to be mentioned around certain family members. The truth is Michael Moore is at least very entertaining. He often presents partial truths as fact. He takes news clips and edits them to tell the story the way he wants it to be told. I like Michael Moore because he goes after people and corporations that are otherwise untouchable. We need people like Moore to make a difference in the way big corporations and Governments treat us nobody's. People must remember to take Moore's presentations with a grain of salt. Take the issues he brings up, and find the truth for yourself. DON'T BELIEVE MOORE WITHOUT CHASING DOWN THE FACTS.

Fahrenheit 911 was the best documentary that I've seen from Michael Moore. I learned a lot about the dangerous US dependency on Saudi Arabia. The Bush Administration is real tight with the Saudis and I hope that changes as a result of the film. I don't think that simply electing John Kerry as our president will make the slightest difference in US relations with the Saudis.

I don't want to pick apart every detail of the movie but I will say that I thought he portrayed the Iraqis as a peaceful nation that was attacked simply because of oil. I believe this to be total bullshit. Saddam and the ruling Baath party are the worst kind of Jew hating scum around today. They bombed Israel, and they support arab terror against Jews and Americans. Iraq was a haven to some of the most wanted terrorists on the planet. Moore showed us none of these facts. Only children skipping rope and playing. A perfect example of typical Moore journalism. I know the bush administration hasn’t been totally truthful with the American people. I also feel like they created a sense of fear that the US was in grave danger, when in fact we werent. The bottom line on Iraq for me is that Saddam need to go and Bush wasn't truthful in his reasons for war. Saddam is gone.

I was planning to vote for Bush before I saw the film, and I'm not changing my vote.

I'm glad Moore exposed certain things about the Bush administration but I still think Bush did the right thing, whatever his motives were.

UPDATE: If you have a few minutes, you should read this by Christopher Hitchens.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, October 11, 2004 (9) comments

  Wops in Motown

Our friend Wops attended a George Bush rally in Michigan this past Wednesday. He got tickets courtesy of Jews for George. They got him 30 feet back from the podium in the center. Check out his pictures here.

"It was an experience I'll never forget, and will probably never have again since I live in a DummyCrap state."

-Thanx Wops
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, October 11, 2004 (0) comments

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