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Thursday, September 02, 2004
  One flew over the cuckoo's nest

I feel compelled to say a few words about Ambassador Alan Keyes.

This is a man that I used to love and respect. I first heard him on his MSNBC talk show called Alan Keyes Is Making Sense. I really don't think he's making much sense anymore. I saw him speak 1 year ago at the North Shore Center for Performing Arts in Skokie. The topic was the conflict in the Middle East and it was followed by a question and answer session. I attended the speech with my Mom and we both thought it was great. We shared the same views as him and felt that he was a great speaker. He answered all of the questions coherently, and we didn't really get the sense that he was mentally ill.

What the hell happened?
Keyes has made a series of stupid statements in the media in the past few months, especially since the announcement that he would be running against the invincible Barak Obama for Illinois State Senator. As a Keyes supporter I'd have to say that I was pretty disappointed by his decision to run, mostly because HE DOESN'T LIVE IN ILLINOIS! I bashed Hillary for running in NY because she was from Arkansas, and I am against Keyes running in Illinois because he is from Maryland. That being said, the next question might be why would Keyes want to commit political suicide by running against Obama, whom he has no chance of beating. Obama was praised at the Bud Billikan parade where Alan Keyes was heckled and Booed. Keyes will not get the African American vote. Shit, Keyes wont even get my vote. I think the best chance at defeating Obama the raging liberal would have been Jack Ryan who withdrew from the race on 6/25 for reasons we will not get into.

This week, during the Republican National Convention, Keyes stated publicly that "vice presidential daughter Mary Cheney and all homosexuals, are selfish hedonists. If my own daughter were a homosexual or lesbian, I would love my daughter, but I would tell her she was in sin"

Most Republicans have distanced themselves from Keyes. He can't even find anybody to have luch with at the convention.
My advice to Keyes, stop trying to get media attention. You are only making a bigger ass of yourself. Go back to Maryland.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, September 02, 2004

Are you Serious? Alan Keyes?

This guy is the best thing to ever happen to politics. He should be president right now. The world would be a much better place. (especially Israel)

Who cares is he doesn't live in Illinois? Well, actually he does now, but that's not the point. Living in the state you're running in is inconsequential. It's your views that count. If New York didn't want Hilary to be senator, they wouldn't have voted her in.

As far as the homosexual comment, I (and the torah) happen to agree.

You are right on one issue though; he has no chance of winning. Obama has such momentum going right now, i don't think anyone could beat him.

# posted by Blogger Noah : 12:32 PM

Let's face it Noah, the guy is a quack. He has no political frineds on the left or the right.

I happen to agree with the Torahs view of homosexuality also, but Keyes is a tactless media hungary bufoon. His words word hurtful and deragatory. This helps nobody.
As much as I think that homosexuality is wrong, I dont want to hurt homosexuals. I just want to make sure that we are protected against same sex marriage and all of the other gay mishigas coming from the liberals.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 12:38 PM

Excuse me. I agree with his comment abot faggots! Any social conservative who is honest with others would say something like that. In fact, I'm taking it one step further. If one of my kids became, G-d forbid, a homo, I would have nothing to do with them. I wouldn't love them, I would put them in the same catagory as a common criminal & would have nothing to do with them. Stop bashing Keyes for saying what should be said.
# posted by Blogger wops : 2:24 PM

Whether or not I agree with Keyes is not the issue. He is a tactless clown, and I doubt the man's sanity.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:44 PM

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