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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
  Oh that crazy Keyes...

So a couple of nights ago, my wife and I watched a few episodes from season 2 (from 2000) of Michael Moore's The Awful Truth. I know, I know, Michael Moore, Yes, Yes. But we borrowed it and it was pretty entertaining. One segment I really enjoyed called "The Mosh Pit"

In this segment, Moore announced to all the contenders for the White House that "The Awful Truth" will endorse any candidate who jumps into their mosh pit. Simple as that. So Moore hauled this mosh pit (around 20 - 30 guys) around Iowa in the back of a flat-bed truck.

The response from the candidates varied from a stunned and
frightened Steve Forbes (who quickly walked by the pit giving it a nervous thumb
up), to front-runner George W. Bush (who told me, "behave yourself, Michael -- I
see you're up to your old tricks -- why don't you go get a real job?") Gary
Bauer, on the other hand, called the Des Moines police -- who sent five cruisers
and a paddy wagon to arrest the pit. The police, though,could not contain their
laughter when they arrived and saw the group of purple-haired, pierce-lipped,
18-year olds jumping wildly in place to the music of Rage Against the

Next, the truck pulled up to our buddy Alan Keyes' campaign headquarters.

As the mosh pit rolled into the parking lot, with Rage music
blaring ("It has to start somewhere/ It has to start sometime/What better place
than here/ What better time than now..."), Keyes staffers came outside to see
what all the noise was about. When informed that Keyes could get the endorsement
of "The Awful Truth," Keyes' national field director dove into the pit, hoping
that would suffice for our support. He then brought out "Uncle Sam," a Keyes
supporter who was dressed in full uncle Sam regalia. He, too, jumped in. But we
told the Keyes staff that it had to be Keyes himself. Minutes later,Alan Keyes
emerged and, against the loud protests of his Secret service agent, Keyes
climbed to the top of the makeshift stage on the back of the truck and dove
backwards into the screaming mosh pit. He then body-surfed the entire pit,
carried like a wave on the outstretched hands of the tightly compact crowd. He
did a couple of body slams with a spiked-hair youth from Ames High School and
left the pit with the official endorsement of the show.
On Wednesday night, the five remaining Republican candidates held their big New Hampshire debate, and trashed Keyes for his participation in the traveling pit. Gary Bauer accused Keyes of being"anti-family" because he was moshing to the music of "The Machine Rages On" , calling the group "pro-terrorist" and saying that's what the "kids at Columbine" listened to.

Awesome episode.
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, September 28, 2004

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