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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
  Oh that crazy Keyes...

So a couple of nights ago, my wife and I watched a few episodes from season 2 (from 2000) of Michael Moore's The Awful Truth. I know, I know, Michael Moore, Yes, Yes. But we borrowed it and it was pretty entertaining. One segment I really enjoyed called "The Mosh Pit"

In this segment, Moore announced to all the contenders for the White House that "The Awful Truth" will endorse any candidate who jumps into their mosh pit. Simple as that. So Moore hauled this mosh pit (around 20 - 30 guys) around Iowa in the back of a flat-bed truck.

The response from the candidates varied from a stunned and
frightened Steve Forbes (who quickly walked by the pit giving it a nervous thumb
up), to front-runner George W. Bush (who told me, "behave yourself, Michael -- I
see you're up to your old tricks -- why don't you go get a real job?") Gary
Bauer, on the other hand, called the Des Moines police -- who sent five cruisers
and a paddy wagon to arrest the pit. The police, though,could not contain their
laughter when they arrived and saw the group of purple-haired, pierce-lipped,
18-year olds jumping wildly in place to the music of Rage Against the

Next, the truck pulled up to our buddy Alan Keyes' campaign headquarters.

As the mosh pit rolled into the parking lot, with Rage music
blaring ("It has to start somewhere/ It has to start sometime/What better place
than here/ What better time than now..."), Keyes staffers came outside to see
what all the noise was about. When informed that Keyes could get the endorsement
of "The Awful Truth," Keyes' national field director dove into the pit, hoping
that would suffice for our support. He then brought out "Uncle Sam," a Keyes
supporter who was dressed in full uncle Sam regalia. He, too, jumped in. But we
told the Keyes staff that it had to be Keyes himself. Minutes later,Alan Keyes
emerged and, against the loud protests of his Secret service agent, Keyes
climbed to the top of the makeshift stage on the back of the truck and dove
backwards into the screaming mosh pit. He then body-surfed the entire pit,
carried like a wave on the outstretched hands of the tightly compact crowd. He
did a couple of body slams with a spiked-hair youth from Ames High School and
left the pit with the official endorsement of the show.
On Wednesday night, the five remaining Republican candidates held their big New Hampshire debate, and trashed Keyes for his participation in the traveling pit. Gary Bauer accused Keyes of being"anti-family" because he was moshing to the music of "The Machine Rages On" , calling the group "pro-terrorist" and saying that's what the "kids at Columbine" listened to.

Awesome episode.

  Pip pics of the day

This is good Pip.....

  I love Jeff Jacoby

Read This

Friday, September 24, 2004
  Great moments in Reality TV

First I would like to express my satisfaction with the Amazing Race 5. It was our first season watching, and it was great. It was great because the only team that I liked from the first episode, overcame the odds and won! Chip and Kim, a middle aged married couple with kids. They were the most sincere team and I love them. The Psychotics Collin and Christi, won first place in every leg except two. Fuck you Collin you miserable piece of shit!

The other great moment in Reality TV was last nights Survivor. Survivor Vanuatu is getting crazy, and we're only in the second week. This is gonna be a great one.

Last night an amazing blindside occurred....Dolly the sheep farmer from PA, was extinguished.
right off the back the men's team and women's team split themselves into subteams. Old v.s. Young. Dolly (young) decided to play both sides and made a promise to the young alliance that they would dump leann. This in my opinion, would be a terrible choice. Leann does not appear to be a threat or a hindrance at this point. She is average in every way.
Dolly also promised the old women that they would dump Eliza which would have been the right thing to do since she is annoying and contributes nothing more than tears. Boo hoo you whining be-atch.
At Tribal, after announcing to Jeff that she was the swing vote, Dolly became the second person voted off Survivor Vanuatu. The old ladies voted for Dolly and Eliza ended up being the swing vote. As much as I would have enjoyed Eliza's ousting, that was some great Survivor action.

Dolly should have kept her mouth shut!

  Props to Mobius

Check this out....
Mobius may be an irresponsible confused liberal blogger, but he is certainly creative. He got me.
Mobius referenced a ridiculous web page in one of his posts that has been circulating. The page tries to make a correlation between the counties in Florida that got nailed by the hurricanes, and the Bush voting majority. Cute, but C'MON. Anyways, I snoped it out for him and sent him the link. He sent me back a link of his own.

I love it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
  No time to post

Very busy today so I'll just wish you a happy new year and leave you with my handsome boy.....

Friday, September 10, 2004
  Pip Pic of the day

  What's with Chechnya?

Swirlspice Finds out about Chechnya. I don't know about you, but I really didnt know much about the Russian/Chechen conflict.


Thursday, September 09, 2004
  Pip Pic of the day

  My kind of Town...

I saw a traffic story on the news this week. Apparantly Chicago is number 3 on the worst traffic list behind LA and San Fran. That's right people, Chicago has worse traffic than New York! The average Chicagoen will spend 56 hours in traffic every year. LA is 94 hours and San Fran 76.
I am not surprised. We have traffic on the southbound I94 after midnight on a Tuesday. There is no good time to drive. Every day I am racing from one job to another across town, and I am stressing. To make matters even worse, every 2 main streets have major month long "construction" projects. What the fuck are they fixing anyways??? Devon, Howard, Oakton, Main, Dempster, McCormick and on and on and on and on. JUST STOP!!!!!

The traffic report prompted me to find out some other statistics about our mob run city.

Air Pollution
As of 2003, Chicago wasn't even in the top 20 worst. Few. We aren't in the top 20 best either.
Here is the report if you are interested.

Water Quality
Apparantly Cook County's water is good quality, but I couldnt find any corroborating data to that effect especially because it contains chlorine which is not good to drink. I'll stick with my Reverse Ozmosis purified water thank you very much.

Well like me you may have noticed that there appear to be obese people every where you go in Chicago. That's because there are. We are the second fattest city in the country behind Houston. This probably makes us the second fattest city on the planet. There something to be proud of. Here is the report.

As of 2003 we had the highest murder rate in the country. Another thing to be proud of.

Bottom line...Overall any city in the US is a better city to raise children in then Chicago aside from LA, Houston, or Gary.

  Time flies

So yesterday was my Dad's birthday. He would have been 62. Next week will be his Yartzeit. I think it will be 10 years since we found him dead on Rosh Hashana morning....It seems like a whole lifetime has passed...

  Health message of the day

The USDA has released a study of the largest sources of food antioxidants. Antioxidants for those of you who do not already know are.... compounds that stop the chain reaction of free radicals by donating one of their electrons without becoming unstable themselves. In other words, antecedents "sacrifice" themselves in order to save vital body cells from free-radical damage. Nutrients that act as antecedents include vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, selenium and certainties.

A dietary deficiency of antioxidants may allow certain cancers to spread. antioxidants have various roles in cancer prevention and control. The depletion of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-cartoon affect the development of certain cancers. In a mortality follow-up study, beta-cartoon blood levels were significantly lower in lung cancer and stomach cancer cases; below-average blood levels of vitamins A and C were associated with stomach cancer; vitamin E levels were low in colon and stomach cancer. In short, eating plenty of food antioxidants WILL significantly lower your risk of getting Cancer.

So without further ado, Here is the list of the top 20 best sources of food antioxidants:

1. Small Red Bean (dried)
2. Wild blueberry
3. Red kidney bean (dried)
4. Pinto bean
5. Blueberry (cultivated)
6. Cranberry
7. Artichoke (cooked)
8. Blackberry
9. Prune
10. Raspberry
11. Strawberry
12. Red Delicious apple
13. Granny Smith apple
14. Pecan
15. Sweet cherry
16. Black plum
17. Russet potato (cooked)
18. Black bean (dried)
19. Plum
20. Gala apple

USDA Study

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
  5 Random searches that brought people to SklarO World

1. i'm the high school slut
2. barefoot mud walking
3. what car did rob and amber won in survivor all stars
4. girls in rubber boots in mud
5. is andre3000 a republican

Sounds like a pretty bright audience.

Friday, September 03, 2004
  Good Luck.


  A letter from Alan Keyes

This is the funniest bunch of bullshit I have read in a while.....Also, the most pathetic....

I have colored some of my favorite excerpts..

Dear Friend:I'm writing to give you a quick update on my race for the US Senate in Illinois. After a few short weeks, things are going better than most believed was possible!We are building up the kind of momentum that is striking fear into the heart of both Barack Obama (my Democrat opponent) and the entire Democrat Machine. In fact, they have been running scared since I stepped into the race.They are so panicked, that they tried to use illegal and unethical tactics to get me off the ballot in Illinois! Thank God, they failed. Now, they're even suing the Illinois GOP. But their maneuvers are groundless, and I am in this race to the end... a race I can win with your help:

Some people are wondering why the Democrats are so frightened. I can tell you: They are desperately afraid of a substantive challenge to Barack Obama - someone who they've hyped up but who doesn't have the substance, the abilities, the experience, the competence, or the self-confidence to deal with this race, OR with the U.S. Senate. My opponent is a created candidate... a figment of the Democratic Party's imagination. They thought that he would be able to waltz into the Senate, with little or no challenge. But with me in the race, they know that such a hope is vain.I have been traveling the state of Illinois, speaking to group after group. I have also been receiving enormous media coverage, much of it very positive and helpful, much of it contentious and biased. All of it has been greatly helpful to lay out who I am and what I stand for -- and the rank-and-file Republican response in Illinois has been overwhelming in its enthusiasm and support!

Right now I am writing to you from New York City at the GOP convention, where I am being interviewed by another round of national press, which is seen across the nation and by millions of voters in Illinois.One reason that the national press is covering my Senate race is because it has huge national implications for the conservative issues we hold dear to our hearts. That is why pundits from around the country are watching this race so closely. And that's why we need your help NOW:

As you have probably seen in the press, there were battles over what the Republican Party Platform would state this year. Fortunately, the platform kept very strong and promising language defending the right to life of unborn babies, and defending the institution of Marriage against the onslaught of the homosexual lobby. But make no mistake -- the struggle for the heart and soul of the Party of Lincoln continues! A strong pro-life and pro-marriage party platform did not end the controversy, nor has it stopped the efforts of a few to undercut our most sacred principles.As you probably know, a handful of the GOP elite have decided to use the podium at the Convention to give prime television time to people who are opposed to the moral issues of the Party Platform. There are a few who would like to see the party of Ronald Reagan - and the issues he held dear - become a thing of the past.We cannot let that happen.So why do liberals of all party stripes fear my candidacy? Because, perhaps more than in any other Senate race this year, I embody the principles of the Republican Party Platform.My candidacy and my campaign show that true conservatives have not given up the battle to win races, as well as battles over the language of our party's platform.And should I win this US Senate seat, the plans of liberal politicians to push conservatives into the closet will suffer a devastating setback.That is why I am running, and that is why I need your help to win:

When we continue to press the attack, and when we continue to show what cold-hearted positions my opponent holds, I will win this race. Then, as a United States Senator, I can fight to pass the laws that reflect what we believe and cherish.And also remember, the man I am running against, Barack Obama, voted for INFANTICIDE to be legal! He believes that if a late-term child is born alive after a botched abortion, that the abortionist should be allowed to discard that living child. This is reprehensible!Friend, I know you believe as I do, that this nation was founded on the principle that we are "created equal, and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights," including the right to life and liberty. But some in government, including my extreme left-wing opponent, believe that rights come from the state. They believe those rights can be violated, even taken away and trampled by the government at will.My race is a part of the ongoing battle in which the authority of God over man and government will prevail - the views of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln -- over the views of Barack Obama and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.I am asking you to weigh in on the side of Life and Liberty and Justice in the way that our founders envisioned it by helping me in my campaign.If you have already given to my campaign, I thank you with all my heart. If you can help us again with a gift of any size, our fight needs every dollar it can get.If you have not yet given, but have intended to, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. The earlier we have your help, the sooner we can use those resources to pursue victory in November:

While I am thankful that I have received so much media coverage, I know that in order to win, I must reach every potential voter in Illinois via TV and Radio. This is where your help is crucial!It will cost an average of over $500 to buy a television spot. It will cost over $75 per spot for radio ads in the high population areas. So if you can give $500, you can help me reach tens of thousands of TV viewers with your gift.If you can give $150, you will help me buy 2 radio spots, which will reach thousands of voters.Whatever you give, it will help us propel forward to the possibility of victory. As I told you before, I cannot promise that I will win, although I deeply believe that victory is possible... I can only promise that I will fight with all my heart to obtain victory. But this I know... in order for me to win I must have you fighting side by side with me. I need your support!Finally, please forward this message to your friends, perhaps even with a note from you, asking them to help with my campaign.For the Party, my election will show that the core and the base of this party embrace true conservative convictions. And for Principle, my victory will bring our standards into the US Senate with a fresh wave of enthusiasm. You know I am a fighter, and once I am in the US Senate, I will fight without flinching for that which we hold dear. Rest assured - the cause of unborn children and the defense of marriage as the Almighty created it will be central to my tenure as Senator. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keeping Faith, Alan Keyes

P.S. There's a little over TWO MONTHS until the November election. We are building the momentum and credibility we need to win. But we need resources to get our message out. And in this particular campaign, message is everything -- in a race that pits an extreme, even radical liberal against my life's work of defending our Founders' vision for America. We can get our message out, and expose my opponent's agenda, by buying radio and TV advertisements. So if you've been wondering what you can do to help the campaign, consider an immediate donation -- as large as you can make!The Keyes campaign needs every available contribution to reach the voters in Illinois. Individuals can give up to $2000 per person, and married couples can give $4000 per couple. Don't hesitate. Do it now, if you possibly can! CLICK BELOW to donate now:

Also, ask your friends and everyone on your e-mail list (or website), to do the same.

Thank you!

Hey Noah, Keyes in 2008?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, September 02, 2004
  One flew over the cuckoo's nest

I feel compelled to say a few words about Ambassador Alan Keyes.

This is a man that I used to love and respect. I first heard him on his MSNBC talk show called Alan Keyes Is Making Sense. I really don't think he's making much sense anymore. I saw him speak 1 year ago at the North Shore Center for Performing Arts in Skokie. The topic was the conflict in the Middle East and it was followed by a question and answer session. I attended the speech with my Mom and we both thought it was great. We shared the same views as him and felt that he was a great speaker. He answered all of the questions coherently, and we didn't really get the sense that he was mentally ill.

What the hell happened?
Keyes has made a series of stupid statements in the media in the past few months, especially since the announcement that he would be running against the invincible Barak Obama for Illinois State Senator. As a Keyes supporter I'd have to say that I was pretty disappointed by his decision to run, mostly because HE DOESN'T LIVE IN ILLINOIS! I bashed Hillary for running in NY because she was from Arkansas, and I am against Keyes running in Illinois because he is from Maryland. That being said, the next question might be why would Keyes want to commit political suicide by running against Obama, whom he has no chance of beating. Obama was praised at the Bud Billikan parade where Alan Keyes was heckled and Booed. Keyes will not get the African American vote. Shit, Keyes wont even get my vote. I think the best chance at defeating Obama the raging liberal would have been Jack Ryan who withdrew from the race on 6/25 for reasons we will not get into.

This week, during the Republican National Convention, Keyes stated publicly that "vice presidential daughter Mary Cheney and all homosexuals, are selfish hedonists. If my own daughter were a homosexual or lesbian, I would love my daughter, but I would tell her she was in sin"

Most Republicans have distanced themselves from Keyes. He can't even find anybody to have luch with at the convention.
My advice to Keyes, stop trying to get media attention. You are only making a bigger ass of yourself. Go back to Maryland.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004
  Yesterday's Horror

By now I'm sure that everybody knows about yesterday's twin terror attacks in Be'er Sheva yesterday.

The twin bus bombs were detonated shortly before 3 PM, near the Be'er Sheva City Hall. The buses were on either side of a very large intersection when the suicide terrorists detonated their explosives.

16 people dead. 103 people wounded.
What really makes me furious, is the reaction from the Israeli left who make statements such as... "This tragic event proves once again that no [unilateral] disengagement or security fence will solve the problem," There is no choice but to find a way, together with the Palestinian leadership, for a solution once and for all to this gruesome conflict."

What the fuck is this clown talking about??! The attack came from an area where the fence has not yet been constructed. How could anybody seriously want to work things out with animals who can commit such disgusting attack.

Do you try to train a rabid dog who just ate your little sister??
No. You shoot it in the head.

The two bombers were identified as Ahmed Kawasme, 26, and Nissim Jabri, 20, both from the West Bank city of Hebron. Their houses have been plowed, and the Erez crossing has been closed. I think the house plowing is generally a pretty effective deterrent, but not enough. I think that the entire street of the murderer should be plowed. Maybe then these animals will wake up prevent their neighbor from killing innocent people in the name of Allah.

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