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Friday, August 06, 2004
  The Coventry situation

So after spending 1.5 weeks non-stop on the various Phish message boards looking for Coventry tickets and not getting e-mails answered or cash offers accepted, I needed a new strategy. See the difficulty with Coventry is that tickets went on sale before Phish announced that they were breaking up and now every Phish phan ever is scrambling to get tickets to the last show/festival ever. Original ticket price is $150 and there were only approx. 70,000 released. Ticket prices on e-bay are over $400 a piece.

Extra ticket holders fall into 3 categories:

Category 1: The degenerate coke-head assfuckers
These "people" are mostly just scalpers that don't really give a flying fuck about Phish or anyone else for that matter. Their entire pathetic and miserable existence consists of buying as many tickets to an event as soon as they go on sale through their various connections, and then sell them for a 200 – 500% profit. Most of these guys are coke-heads in there mid thirties. Eat shit and die losers

Category 2: The true hippies
These kids are wonderful people. In this category you probably don't have more than 1 extra, because either you bought it for yourself and can't go, or your friend cant go. The hippies only want to get back as much money as they spent. The face-value crew. Truly noble.

Category 3: The traders
The traders are people who have extras and want to get whatever they can for them. Here are some of the trading items I’ve seen:
  • Tickets to other shows on tour
  • Pollak posters
  • Headies
  • Glass
  • Patches and stickers (come on people)
  • Rides

And whether its for real or not, a few people offered their Coventry tix for sex, and believe it or not Their were some responses.

The traders are the people I got to know real well. Here is my story about how I got my 3 tickets, and its pretty confusing……

Early this week as things started getting hopeless, I decided that I needed to get trading items – cash just wasn’t happening. So I bought 2 Hampton tickets on e-bay with the intention of using them in trade for Coventry. The tickets were $235 including shipping. I then found a chick in PA who wanted to trade me 1 Coventry for 1 Hampton plus $100. So the only way to make the exchange was at Jerry bash in WV. OK so I got the e-bay tic overnighted to me from the seller, and then had to UPS overnight them to mt friend in St. Louis who was going to Jerry Bash the very next day, and he would give her the $100 and 1 Hampton. Well at 11:15 the next morning (45 minutes after UPS was supposed to deliver the envelope that I paid them $25 to do) UPS had no freaking idea where my package was. Fuck. My friend was leaving St. Louis for Jerry bash in 4 hours and UPS had no clue what happened to my ticket. So my other friend (3rd ticket guy) cancelled his flight to VT so that he wouldn't get fucked with his plane tix. Well my buddy in St. Louis being the genius resourseful hippie that he is called his broker friend to see if he had more Hamptons. He did, for $75 bucks. OK great, except that he couldn’t have them until the next day – after my buddy would be gone. Fuck. So I called the chick in PA and convinced her not to leave at 8:00AM and that I could have another ticket overnighted to her directly (Fedex) from the broker by 10:30 the next day. She agreed and Fedex got it there by 8:30. Fuck you UPS. Now she is on her way to Jerry bash to meet my buddy. Cross your fingers, that’s ticket number one. My 3rd ticket friend is gonna drive up with us in the end, and fly home through Albany.

The other 2 tickets:
I found another chick from PA who had 2 Coventry tix on the boards, looking for 2 tix for each night of Great Woods and 1 Hampton + cash. Well cash and Hampton I have, and my wonderful buddy in St. Louis told me that his broker friend had both nights at $100 a piece. So I talked to this chick and we agreed to trust each and send the goods. So I had the broker overnight (Fedex again) her the GW tix, and I overnighted (Airbourne) her the Hampton and $50.

So today UPS found the package and promised it would be in my hands by Noon tomorrow. I just hope I can sell and ship the to a buyer by Monday.

I'll feel much better when my 2 tickets are in my hand.

- posted by Prodly @ Friday, August 06, 2004

all told, are you actually saving money off the 200% hike the crack monkeys are asking?
# posted by Blogger Becky : 3:02 PM

I was for sure saving before UPS fucked me. Now? we'll see. Either way I will feel mighty happy when at the show, I wont have a bitter taste in my mouth about getting screwed by some scalper.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 9:59 AM

So after all said and done, I got 3 tickets for $307 a piece. I paid double face. Not to bad...
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 11:35 AM

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