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Monday, July 26, 2004
  TV shows on DVD

TV shows on DVD has to be THE greatest thing to happen to SklarO World’s entertainment dept. since the invention of the Compact Disk. My wife and I have spent most of our free time watching TV shows, ever since she has been in grad school because most of her time is devoted to studying and we need to be close to home. We never just watch TV, only specific shows.

Now TV shows are huge priority for the DVD people. That means no more commercials, and no more anticipation. I don’t enjoy having to wait a week to find out what happens next. I get to see shows that I never would have gotten to see before. Some say that may not be a great thing, I say fuck those people. It may not be good to sit and watch TV until your brain rots, but believe it or not most of the shows that I watch, I have learned from.

Since the TV DVD phenomenon started we have seen:

Coming soon: Seinfeld

They also started releasing old shows like the Dukes of Hazzard, Whats Happening, and Punky Brewster. As soon as Mork and Mindy come out, I'm getting it. 

- posted by Prodly @ Monday, July 26, 2004

You've got to check out Alias on dvd. You will get hooked guaranteed.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:30 PM

what about Leave it to Beaver, Get Smart and Beverly Hillbillies...Now THOSE were TV shows.
# posted by Blogger MoChassid : 2:43 PM

I will take the advise of an anonymous commenter and check out ALias after I finish season 2 of Six feet under and season 2 of CSI. Thanks for the recommendation.

Leave it to beaver...Come on.
Get smart and the hilbillies are great TV. In fact I might even buy Get Smart if when put it out.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 2:47 PM

gee, wally! Eddie Haskell says you should get Leave it To Beaver.
# posted by Blogger MoChassid : 3:23 PM

As long as your taking recommendations:
"The Office" is hysterical. Its a british show that was big there about 3 years ago and just started being shown here. The style reminds me of Curb, but it takes place in an office and is a fake documentary of sorts. It almost made me piss myself at points.

I don't know if Ali G is on DVD, but that's funny as hell also. He's a Jew (also a brit) that does interviews with some famous people (Pat buchanan, and donald trump to name a few) and some less famous / ordinary people. The funny part is that he plays the role of a pakistani, gangster-wannabe, thug, and asks really stupid questions to make people look dumb. He got Pat Buchanan to talk about the threat of "BLT"'s for about 2 or 3 minutes last week, and then, completely straight faced, asked him if he thinks any wars are worth fighting over sandwhiches.

# posted by Blogger dov : 9:48 AM

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