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Friday, July 09, 2004
  My comment to Velvel

I want to say something in response to Velvel’s post about his shul. I need to do it here because Velvel only opens up comments for special occasions.

Velvel – If you don’t like your shul or if you are on a different level of spirituality then them, go somewhere else. I don’t mean that to sound offensive, but if I was a member of a Shul(which I currently am not) and content with the mechitzah and davening duration, I’d be mighty pissed if other members tried to interfere with that. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to change the shul or merely trying to break up the minyan to get a second one going…..It really kills the vibe.
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 09, 2004

That's not at all what I was saying. No one is trying to break up the shul. The shul is already broken. A lot of people are currently unsatisfied.

The shul is changing. Shul customs are changing in halachically liberal ways that make me very uncomfortable.

My quest is not to change the big minyan, but to seek a second choice in the neighborhood, preferably in conjunction with the big shul. There is only one Orthodox shul in the neighborhood with one minyan.

I disagree with you about changing the vibe. Some people in the shul also adding a second minyan is a bad idea. I've seen it happen at other shuls where they put up a fight, and when they finally go ahead and add it, it ends up improving the big minyan as well as the people attending the new, smaller one. If you separate the people who want to daven differently, they will all be happier. Then you will have two great minyans in the shul. Choice is a good thing.

Our only other option at this point is a minyan in someone's house. Some people at the shul don't even like that.

"Go somewhere else."
We are, but it would be nice if we didn't have to move. We will leave the neighborhood as many stricter Orthodox people have.

# posted by Blogger velvel : 10:43 AM

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
# posted by Blogger velvel : 10:52 AM

Well if your shul didnt suck, you wouldnt be moving to my hood. It's all for the best I suppose.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 11:00 AM

The shul was an amazing shul for Becky and I at the time. That's why we were so excited to live in that area. Becky and I have changed, and the shul has changed. So I guess the shul sucks for me now.

I hope the move is for the best. We're looking forward to the move.

# posted by Blogger velvel : 11:48 AM


I posted my own thoughts. In short, I don't disagree with you that the shul is entitled to blow Velvel off but I don't agree that it will ruin the vibe of the shul if either they allow a parallel minyan or Velvel starts a breakaway.

Velvel, hate to do this but I'm a lawyer and I'm trained to edit. It's The shul's been good to "Becky and me", not "Becky and I". I ask mechila in advance.

# posted by Blogger MoChassid : 3:11 PM

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