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Thursday, July 15, 2004
  The bus boy who we’ll call Freak

As you probably know already I am a waiter at a kosher steakhouse. At the restaurant there is no host or hostess just me, a veteran waitress, and Freak. Freak is technically the bus boy but since he is not Mexican, the owners have him doing host duties such as phones and seating people as well as bussing tables. The owners have fired him twice because he is totally incompetent as well as ugly, and rude but the owners being the cheap bastards that they are cant resist freak because they save money on a host.

I have known Freak for many years. I know him since before either of us worked at the restaurant. He has always been a total Freak. The first time that I saw him was at a concert at a café, I was trying to watch the band and there was this total psycho COMPLETELY WRAPPED IN DUCK TAPE dancing in front of the stage like a maniac. This was Freak.

For the record, I like Freak more than anybody else in the history of the restaurant. We are friends, and I give him rides home quite often.

On to the story…….
Sunday night (busiest night of the week) I was working at the restaurant. And it was hectic. Every table was occupied and we were all tense and running like lunatics. A lady at one of my tables spilled some shit all over herself and needed a towel to wipe up. Naturally I want to freak first because he is the keeper of towels. Freak tells me “No way, I only have THREE towels, use a napkin.” Mother fucker. So I ran to the other side of the restaurant and asked a couple people and nobody new where I could find a clean rag.
On my way back to my side of the restaurant, I saw three towels in the kitchen. I picked up one of the towels just as Freak was running into the kitchen, and he started yelling at me “WHERE IS IT, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT, I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING TOUCH IT”. Now I can only assume he was referring to the towel, but I hadn’t taken his towel. All three towel were right there! Freak then followed me into thee restaurant still yelling and getting in my face, only now there are customers present. I shoved that motherfucker hard in the direction of the washing station in plane view of packed restaurant.

Freak ran, screaming at the owners that I shoved him in the middle of the restaurant and they both brushed him off like the useless pile of squirrel shit that he is.

Freak hasn’t spoken to me in 4 days.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, July 15, 2004

Now I am REALLY sorry I got in late and missed dinner at your restaraunt last week!!
# posted by Blogger MoChassid : 10:44 AM

My favorite story about your resturaunt does not concern Freak. It concerns the women's washroom:

After a very pleasant dinner (and I do believe you were working that night, Prodly), I went to the washroom. There was an elderly women in there brushing her teeth. No problem. Yay for hygiene. I walked into the open stall, and saw the problem.

She wasn't actually brushing her teeth. Her teeth were still sitting in the stall, on top of the toilet.

I wandered back out, and she imemdiately realized what had happened, and reclaimed her dentures. But suddenly she didn't seem quite so hygenically savvy anymore.

# posted by Blogger Cara : 1:12 PM

Auuugghhhh Pleeeeeease don't tell me that it was the veteran waitress. Was it? I must know.
# posted by Blogger Prodly : 1:18 PM

I know who yer talkin about and he's friggin weird. Probably a homo seeing how he acts like a little high school girl.
# posted by Blogger wops : 11:01 PM

9 now days with out a word from freak. Oh well, he never really had anything intelligent to say anyways.

Fuckin Freak.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:12 PM

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