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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
  CDs in my car

Jamiroquai – Traveling Without Moving
Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood to the Head
Stevie Wonder - Song Review: Greatest Hits
Verbal Kent – What Box?
Bob Marley – Exodus
Temple of the Dog
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, July 28, 2004 (1) comments

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
  Thoughts on Tisha B'Av

Today is Tisha B’Av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. It is the end of the “Three Weeks”. Tisha B’Av is similar to Yom Kippur in that we are not supposed to eat, drink, wash ourselves, or where leather. There are also those who have stricter Minhagim(Customs), where they don’t get haircuts, have sex, or listen to music. Even when it comes to learning Torah there are prohibitions, we are only allowed to study certain portions of Torah and Talmud.

I remember Tisha B’Av as being the “second most important fast day” next to Yom Kippur in my house.

Last year, Yom Kippur was the first time that I have ever completely fasted for the duration of the fast. I have never been a good faster, or really gave enough of a shit to even try. I remember one Yom Kippur when I was about 13 or 14, me and a guy from Shul left during davening to go home and eat a pint of ice cream each. Another Yom Kippur, 3 years ago I think, my brother in law and I went to lou malnatis and had a big fucking Chicago style deep dish pizza.

Yesterday I started thinking about Tisha B’Av. What’s it all about? Why should I fast? Who gives a shit? Growing up in a house that has always been religious and always going to religious schools, all of the Jewish traditions and Ashkenazi customs are a part of me. I never learned Why? WHY? Why do we do these things? What are they about? What do the prayers mean? I am no longer doing things blindly. I am very interested in one day being observant, but not until I can get some questions answered.

So today I decided to find out a little about Tisha B’Av. The only thing that I knew before today was that Tisha B’Av was the day that the first temple was destroyed.

1. The sin of the spies caused Hashem to decree that the Children of Israel who left Egypt would not be permitted to enter the land of Israel;
2. The first Temple was destroyed;
3. The second Temple was destroyed;
4. Betar, the last fortress to hold out against the Romans during the Bar Kochba revolt in the year 135, fell, sealing the fate of the Jewish people.
5. One year after the fall of Betar, the Temple area was plowed.
6. In 1492, King Ferdinand of Spain issued the expulsion decree, setting Tisha B'Av as the final date by which not a single Jew would be allowed to walk on Spanish soil.
7. World War I – which began the downward slide to the Holocaust – began on Tisha B’av.

Wow. That’s a lot of bad shit. Unfortunately, I don’t really feel all that sad about the destruction of our temples. I guess I don’t really know enough about the era to feel anything. I feel much more sadness when a synagogues are burnt to the ground by Nazi scum in France or arab scum in Jericho.

I am very confused by the Jewish fast days.

Whatever……………one day.

- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, July 27, 2004 (4) comments

Monday, July 26, 2004
  TV shows on DVD

TV shows on DVD has to be THE greatest thing to happen to SklarO World’s entertainment dept. since the invention of the Compact Disk. My wife and I have spent most of our free time watching TV shows, ever since she has been in grad school because most of her time is devoted to studying and we need to be close to home. We never just watch TV, only specific shows.

Now TV shows are huge priority for the DVD people. That means no more commercials, and no more anticipation. I don’t enjoy having to wait a week to find out what happens next. I get to see shows that I never would have gotten to see before. Some say that may not be a great thing, I say fuck those people. It may not be good to sit and watch TV until your brain rots, but believe it or not most of the shows that I watch, I have learned from.

Since the TV DVD phenomenon started we have seen:

Coming soon: Seinfeld

They also started releasing old shows like the Dukes of Hazzard, Whats Happening, and Punky Brewster. As soon as Mork and Mindy come out, I'm getting it. 

- posted by Prodly @ Monday, July 26, 2004 (5) comments

  What a Neighborhood

So Friday I got off of work at 4:00 PM and went straight home to pick up Pip. Pip and I were going to meet Tela and the wife at the dog park. On the way to the park, about a block away from my house I saw several cop cars, marked cars as well as narcs. I also noticed a crowd of people gathered on the corner. This was definitely not an old person having a heart attack…..

From the Chicago Tribune:
Police on Saturday charged a 40-year-old man with murder in the stabbing death of an Evanston man with whom he lived.Ernst Thomas Wagner appeared in Bond Court in Skokie on Saturday and was charged with one count of first-degree murder, said Evanston Police Detective Jeff Jamraz.Wagner's bail was set at $500,000 and he is scheduled to reappear on Monday, said Sally Daly, Cook County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman.William Strong, 67, of the 1800 block of Brummel Street was found with multiple stab wounds in the home the men shared.Strong was killed Friday at 3:30 p.m., Jamraz said.Strong's death was a ruled a homicide, according to a Cook County medical examiner's spokesman.Nora Rucker, a neighbor, said the street was quiet Friday, as it normally is. "I did not hear screams, yelling, slamming doors or anything," said Rucker, who was in her back yard when she heard police sirens racing toward Strong's home.Police said Wagner had lived with Strong about 8 years.Rucker said she occasionally saw Strong, a longtime resident on the block, sitting in his home with the curtains open watching television or reading.Strong was a foreign language teacher in the Niles Township High School District 219 from the early 1960s until his retirement in the late 1980s or early 1990s, said Ed Noyes, director of the social studies department at Niles West and Niles North High Schools."It's a tragedy," said the suspect's father, Ernst Wagner.Family members said "Little Ernie" studied art briefly in college and had worked in construction and as an electrician. He was diagnosed in the mid-1990s with manic depression and schizophrenia and was taking medication for it."He was definitely not a violent person at all," said his stepmother, Brigitte Wagner.Ernst Wagner said he did not know how Strong and his son met, but said his son lived in Strong's basement, which he remodeled himself, and did odd jobs around the home--mostly yardwork and home repairs.His son's most recent project was growing flowers in an old clawfoot bathtub in Strong's back yard, said Wagner, who last saw his son several weeks ago when he came to pick up the tub at his father's house.
Shit. Probably should have thought twice about having a manic depressive/schizophrenic living in your basement. I love my neighborhood.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, July 26, 2004 (1) comments

Thursday, July 22, 2004
  Coventry Update

With only 3 weeks to go until Coventry and still ticketless, things are getting a little desperate. Funny, when they announced there summer tour dates Coventry was not even a thought in my mind. I didnt go to IT last year and I had no intention of heading up to Vermont for Coventry this year. I had made the treck for Lemonwheel, Oswego, and Big Cypress which were incredible times but I guess after the hiatus the spark faded a little. Or I'm just getting old. Or my boring job has made me so fucking apathetic that I cant even recognise a fun time anymore.

Whatever the reason for not wanting to go to Coventry initially, it was stupid. I didnt even think about going when they announced that they were breaking up after summer tour. It hit me at Deer Creek. I hadnt been at a show in a year and I just lost the feeling I guess. We realised that we NEEDED Coventry for real closure.

I have been desperately seeking tickets ever since we got back from Alpine. I think all ticketless phans are feeling the same panic as I. Tickets are going for $900 a pair on E-bay and the Waterwheel auctions. Nobody seems to have extras, and the Cleanvibes seems almost hopeless.

We have decided that we are going. With or without tickets, we are going to Coventry. We will drive the 16 hours to Vermont and if we dont get in, maybe we'll go to NY or something. I dont really care about the risk, we need to really make an effort or I will not forgive myself.

See you at Coventry!
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, July 22, 2004 (2) comments

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
  My new Blog

This is the greatest Blog ever! You wont believe how amazing!!
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, July 21, 2004 (1) comments

Thursday, July 15, 2004
  CD's in my car this week

Faith No More - Angel Dust
Ozzy Osbourne - The Ozzman Cometh
UB40 - Greatest Hits Vol.2
Phish - Round Room
Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny Music
Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind
Oasis - Familiar To Millions
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, July 15, 2004 (5) comments

  The bus boy who we’ll call Freak

As you probably know already I am a waiter at a kosher steakhouse. At the restaurant there is no host or hostess just me, a veteran waitress, and Freak. Freak is technically the bus boy but since he is not Mexican, the owners have him doing host duties such as phones and seating people as well as bussing tables. The owners have fired him twice because he is totally incompetent as well as ugly, and rude but the owners being the cheap bastards that they are cant resist freak because they save money on a host.

I have known Freak for many years. I know him since before either of us worked at the restaurant. He has always been a total Freak. The first time that I saw him was at a concert at a café, I was trying to watch the band and there was this total psycho COMPLETELY WRAPPED IN DUCK TAPE dancing in front of the stage like a maniac. This was Freak.

For the record, I like Freak more than anybody else in the history of the restaurant. We are friends, and I give him rides home quite often.

On to the story…….
Sunday night (busiest night of the week) I was working at the restaurant. And it was hectic. Every table was occupied and we were all tense and running like lunatics. A lady at one of my tables spilled some shit all over herself and needed a towel to wipe up. Naturally I want to freak first because he is the keeper of towels. Freak tells me “No way, I only have THREE towels, use a napkin.” Mother fucker. So I ran to the other side of the restaurant and asked a couple people and nobody new where I could find a clean rag.
On my way back to my side of the restaurant, I saw three towels in the kitchen. I picked up one of the towels just as Freak was running into the kitchen, and he started yelling at me “WHERE IS IT, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT, I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING TOUCH IT”. Now I can only assume he was referring to the towel, but I hadn’t taken his towel. All three towel were right there! Freak then followed me into thee restaurant still yelling and getting in my face, only now there are customers present. I shoved that motherfucker hard in the direction of the washing station in plane view of packed restaurant.

Freak ran, screaming at the owners that I shoved him in the middle of the restaurant and they both brushed him off like the useless pile of squirrel shit that he is.

Freak hasn’t spoken to me in 4 days.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, July 15, 2004 (5) comments

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
  Moshe Feiglin: A force to be reckoned with

Moshe Feiglin is the founder and leader of Manhigut Yehudit, a party who’s sole purpose is to have a Jewish leadership is Israel. Feiglin was approached by two veteran Likud activists in 2000 and was asked to bring his Manhigut Yehudit party into the Likud.
"I thought it was crazy at first,‘ Feiglin says. ’For me, the Likud was almost a leftist party and I had nothing in common with it. But ideologically, we decided it was the best party to represent the nationalist camp and the best way to reach our ultimate goal of establishing Jewish leadership in the country."
In the 2002 Likud primaries with Sharon and Bibi, Feiglin received 4% of the votes despite not even campaigning.

So yesterday when I walked into the restaurant where I work, Moshe Feiglin was eating there. Just seeing him in person was a very inspiring experience. At a time where I am so frustrated with Israeli politics and the efforts being made to secularize Israel, it was a very moving experience to just see this man. I want to thank Moshe Feiglin and all of the people like him who fight every second to keep our homeland Jewish.

After leaving the restaraunt he was on his way to visit Jonethan Pollard, something that no other Likud member will do other than Natan Sharansky.

Moshe Feiglin is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with and I hope he decides to run against Sharon in the next elections.
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, July 14, 2004 (0) comments

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
  How optimistic are you?

Your score = 60

What does your score mean?
When it comes to the classic glass half empty or half full question, you seem to be balancing precariously on the fence. Essentially, you're a realist who sees the world in various shades of gray rather than black and white. While you know things don't always work out the way we anticipate, you also recognize - and use to your advantage -the power of positive thinking. You want to hope for the best, and try to keep those rose-colored glasses on as often as possible. This approach to life, should you develop it more fully, will surely give you an edge over all the negative Neds and Nancys out there; research has proven that expecting the best creates a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. You believe, for example, that the attractive stranger at a party really will call and in turn you come across as confident and approachable. You know the deal - when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Put in a little more effort to look on the bright side and you'll be heading down the right path.

How optimistic are you?
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, July 13, 2004 (1) comments

Monday, July 12, 2004
  Schmavis Be Gone!

Schmavis, Adam Davis, Jewish Fringe or whatever you know him as has been banned from the SklarO World. You are in Cherem.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, July 12, 2004 (9) comments

Friday, July 09, 2004
  The World Circus at The Hague

Imagine that, the UN’s World Court is a big farce just like the UN.
The World Court decided that Israel's separation fence that has reduced terrorist attacks by the fucking unwanted heartless ugly society throwaways known as “The Palestinians” by 75%, is illegal. They said (unofficially at this point) that the wall must be torn down immediately, and that “The Palestinians” must be compensated!! HAH!

Big surprise. Lets look at the Hague for a moment. They have 15 Judges,
Instead of mentioning their names which don’t matter at all, I’ll name their countries and we’ll see if we can guess the one country who DIDN’T vote against Israel's right to defend itself:

• France
• Sierra Leone
• Russia
• Britain
• Venezuela
• Netherlands
• Brazil
• Jordan
• United States
• Egypt
• Japan
• Germany
• Slovakia
• Madagascar
• China

Well you guessed it, The United States. Israel only has one friend in this world and everyone else…..well their all just apart of the world circus of Hypocrites and arabs. A circus of selfishness and greed that will lead to complete and total anarchy followed by complete and total destruction. Follow the UN and you will have a front row seat.
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 09, 2004 (20) comments

  My comment to Velvel

I want to say something in response to Velvel’s post about his shul. I need to do it here because Velvel only opens up comments for special occasions.

Velvel – If you don’t like your shul or if you are on a different level of spirituality then them, go somewhere else. I don’t mean that to sound offensive, but if I was a member of a Shul(which I currently am not) and content with the mechitzah and davening duration, I’d be mighty pissed if other members tried to interfere with that. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to change the shul or merely trying to break up the minyan to get a second one going…..It really kills the vibe.
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 09, 2004 (10) comments

  What Is Your Soul's Trait?

Your soul is STEADFAST. You are a fiercely loyal
person who would never cross a loved one.
People always know they can rely on you and
your dependability is well-known. You're
probably a little on the quiet side, but your
faithfulness is never doubted, and you always
back up your kith and kin whether they want or
need it or not. You are a dependable and
trusted soul.

What Is Your Soul's Trait?
brought to you by Quizilla
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 09, 2004 (0) comments

  What Finding Nemo character are you?

You are CRUSH!

What Finding Nemo Character are You?

- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 09, 2004 (0) comments

  CDs in my car this week

1. Faith No More – Album Of the Year
2. REO Speedwagon – Greatest Hits
3. Allman Brothers – 2nd Set
4. Bill Withers – Greatest Hits
5. Nirvana – Unplugged
6. Phish – Farmhouse
7. Ben Harper – Diamonds On the Inside
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 09, 2004 (0) comments

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you......

President Bush turns 58 today. John Kerry has given Bush a nice birthday gift.....John Edwards. With Edwards as Kerry's chosen running mate, Kerry/Edwards will not generate any more momentum in their campaign then Kerry already has.
- posted by Prodly @ Tuesday, July 06, 2004 (9) comments

Friday, July 02, 2004
  What Monty Python character are you?

You are King Arthur of the Britons!
You like to hear yourself talk a lot, namely about
some damn grail. Those closest to you are just
there to serve you and bang your coconuts
together. For some reason Mystical beings come
to you and set you out on quests. If only more
people understood you, perhaps you'd get that
grail afterall.

What Monty Python Holy Grail Quest Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 02, 2004 (0) comments

  Heres a fun one...

My penis's new name is Sir Lancelot the Rock Hard Salami.
Name Your Penis
badasstronaut today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 02, 2004 (0) comments

  Who's better for Israel?

The number one issue for me above all in the upcoming presidential elections is the level support for Israel. This might make me anti-American is some peoples eyes like the militant liberal Mobius, but I don’t particularly give a shit.

Dubya we already know is great for Israel most of the time. 1. He got rid of Saddam. Saddam was one of the largest benefactors of suicide bombers, and has always been one of Israel’s biggest threats. 2. The Bush administration has basically given the green light to Israel’s assasinations of terrorist leaders. 3. Bush supports Israel’s separation fence from the arabs.

Kerry on the other hand I’m not to sure about. I would really like to believe him, because I like some of things he has to say in regards to Israel. The problem is when he is talking to the arabs, his stance suddenly changes.
On the subject of Israel’s separation fence, (you know, that large wall along Israel’s border that has basically stopped all suicide bombers from getting through.) Kerry said he was disturbed by Israel’s separation fence. “We do not need another barrier to peace,” he said and called for “two nations living as peaceful neighbors.” The speech represented somewhat of a breakthrough among some Arab Americans, some of whom had begun shying away from Kerry when he attacked Dean’s call for an evenhanded policy in the Middle East. Well Kerry, looks like you managed to gather some arab support.
In a position paper outlining his stance on Israel, Kerry is now seeking to correct that impression: "The security fence is a legitimate act of self-defense erected in response to the wave of terror attacks against Israeli citizens."

Which is it asshole?

On the subject of yasser arafat, John Kerry called terrorist leader Yasser Arafat a "role model" and a "statesman" in a 1997 book "that Kerry cites as proof of his own foresight about foreign policy". Now…… "Yasser Arafat is a failed leader and unfit partner for peace" and called for "his total isolation." He thereby aligned himself with Bush administration policy, and in contrast to former president Bill Clinton, who recently stated that despite his disappointment with Arafat, negotiations should be conducted with him.

Whether he sounds like an idiot when he talks or not, I at least know where Bush stands.
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, July 02, 2004 (0) comments

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