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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
  Israeli Bullshit

There are two people illegally incarcerated in Israel right now and it is really driving me fucking crazy. Sometimes I think I could really picture myself and family living in Israel, and then I hear certain about things that really scare me about our beloved homeland. Things like "administrative detention”.

The first “Prisoner” is Noam Federman. Federman has been held in an Ashkelon prison for eight months now, and neither he nor his lawyers are allowed to know the nature of the suspicions against him. The man has not been charged with anything, and has been incarcerated for 8 fucking months. He has been in and out of solitary confinement, he is given only a couple of hours outdoors daily, and he barely sees his wife and children. His wife Elisheva was beaten publicly at a weekly rally for Noam and arrested.

The second “Prisoner” is the soldier who killed Thomas Hurndall the British “Peace Activist” who was killed in Gaza while shielding terrorists. After hurndall was shot in the head, the Israel launched an investigation and found that the soldier acted correctly and lawfully. However the British Government launched a campaign of pressure on Israel and the Israeli government decided to abandon one of its own. The soldier confessed and apologized (thanks once again to the Shabak) and is now being charged with manslaughter. He will probably get life in prison.

Israel has never had any friends in the world and has therefore been for the most part one the most unified countries. Situations like these where innocent Jews are persecuted by their own Government really don’t give me much hope for the future.
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Prodly, these isolated incidents happen all the time. The fact is that there is a stagering number of innocent people in jail everywhere. You can find flaws in every justice system where people are wrongfully accused/convicted of crimes they didn't commit. Or better yet, just look at all the murderers on the streets today. Why is Michael Jackson not in jail getting stuffed by 'Nasty Nate'? Why is O.J. not doing time? You just have to hope that in the end things even out.
As far as your concern of a future living in Israel, I don't think its fair to let this hinder your desire. I'm confident that as you long as you, so-to-speak, keep your nose clean, nobody will conspire against you. Peace.

# posted by Blogger roy : 4:43 PM

I disagree with you Roy, at least on the issue of Federman. I am pretty sure in this great country, a person can't be held in jail for 8 months without being charged with a crime.
There happen to be many factors involved with me and the fam. ever moving to the Holyland, this is just one thing that I can't understand. It resembles the behavior of our islamic neighbors, not a Democracy.

BTW Nice to hear from you.

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 4:50 PM

For the record: we held many prisoners at Guatanamo without any hearings, trials or even charges... or did you mean in this great country our OWN citizens would never be held illegaly?

The facts are out about this year's prison numbers. We even crushed Russia (the only country that even comes CLOSE to the US in % population behind bars).

This has nothing to do with Federman or Israel. I just happened to be reading this article immediately before reading your statement about America the great. On a brighter note - we did just strike down Bush-admin legislation that made it illegal for public tranportation systems to accept advertising criticising our countries drug laws. I'm glad to see them eat that one:
"The rejected advertisement shows a group of people standing behind bars beneath the headline, “Marijuana Laws Waste Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Lock Up Non-Violent Americans.” Small print below says one in three adults in the United States has tried marijuana."

# posted by Blogger dov : 7:17 PM

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