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Monday, May 10, 2004
  The Viewers choice

So being that it is Survivor All-Stars, the producers have given us 3 car giveaways instead of one, 2 extra castaways, 3 teams instead of 2, and now there are 2 One Million Dollar winners. The twist is that we the viewers get to choose. Ahhh now I finally get the power. Who to choose, who to choose….

Lets review the choices shall we?

Alicia: Played a good game this time around. Alicia tried to keep somewhat of low profile this time around and kept her mouth shut most of the time. While I disagree with Chaboga Mogo’s assessment that Alicia was the player who least deserved to be an All-Star, she certainly does not deserve to be the viewers choice for the Million bucks.

Amber: I feel that our Survivor queen should not have been a chosen All-Star. She is not an interesting character and she contributes nothing to the tribe. She has no strategy of her own, and has made no real friends OR alliances in this game outside of Boston Rob. Amber was probably chosen to be on Survivor All-Stars as well as the Outback for her looks. Amber did not deserve to win plain and simple.

Colby: I never really liked Colby. He was pretty good at challenges, but not very likable around camp. Colby rallied the Mogo Mogo tribe against King Hatch and took over the throne, but only to be de-throned by his buddy Lex in one the greatest blindsides of the game in my opinion. Overall Colby did pretty good but had no real shot at winning.

Ethan: This guy really got off on the wrong foot. He was picked on from day one at the Saboga camp. Ethan fucked up more than one challenge for Saboga, and was happy to be rid of them when he was chosen by Mogo Mogo. On the Mogo Mogo tribe he fucked up another challenge for his team and he was the only member of the Mogo tribe to not be invited into the Richard Hatch elimination squad. When he was sent home I was happy. I really started to feel bad for this yutz.

Jenna L: From the beginning I knew that Jenna Lewis would go far in this game and she did just that by forming an alliance with Rupert and sticking with it. I am still pissed at Jenna for dumping Rudy pre-maturely, but as the game progressed I was fairly impressed by her game. Congrats Jenna. Ya dun good!

Jenna M: Should have never come back to Survivor. You won a Million, and your mother was sick. Let someone else have the spot.

Jerri: You are most certainly a prize winner. You are the most irritating Survivor ever. You aren’t a good strategizer, you suck at challenges, you do no work at camp, and you pick your nose in public.

Kathy: Kathy, You are great. Kathy was an excellent strategizer and a trustworthy partner. She excelled at challenges and helped out at camp. At the end Kathy let her emotions get in the way a little to much and her jury speech was pathetic and nauseating. She did however redeem herself by voting for the Robfather – the real winner.

Lex: Lex played a fantastic game up until he trusted Boston Rob the man who basically controlled the game since day one. He made a mistake that cost him the game, and was terribly bitter about it. He preached about trust and friendship. blah blah blah can anyone say, Ethan? Get over it you baby. You got beaten.

Richard: King Richard played a good game. Their was no way in hell he could have one All-Stars so I’m glad that we saw as much Hatch as we could. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Rob C: There’s a lot of hype surrounding Rob Cesternino. I didn’t see Survivor Amazon so I cannot understand how he could be “The greatest player to never win Survivor”. From what I saw of Rob, he was week at challenges, couldn’t fish, didn’t help at camp, and Boston Rob played him like a bitch!

Rob M: Here is the real winner. Boston Rob controlled this game from day one. He was the winner of almost every challenge and probably the best strategizer in the history of the game. Except for maybe Richard or Jonnie Fairplay. While I would have never played the game as dirty as Rob, he truly deserved to win.

Rupert: Rupert is hands-down my favorite castaway ever. Rupert has never lied in his Survivor history. He is very good at challenges and the best around camp. He can cook, fish, and build fires better than anyone. Rupert’s strategy is most admirable. Rupert is living proof that you actually can go far in this game without lying to friends. I wish Rupert the best of luck.

Rudy: Love this guy. I think he got shafted by Jenna and Rupert wasn’t a good enough strategist to save his ass. Rudy is a fun person to watch. He is a man of his word and deserved better.

Shii-Ann: I hated Shii-Ann until the merge. She went from a follower to a rogue mercenary. She was a whiny bitch but she also was pretty aware. She was onto Colby, she was onto Boston Rob, and she was onto Amber. To bad all of her tribe mates were to stupid to listen to her. She played a great game.

Sue: No comment.

Tom: WOW! Big Tom is another person that I predicted would go far in this game. Not because he is a good player but because he is bad one. He is a terrible strategizer and a non-threat. The reason he made it so far is because he would have been a wasted vote.

Tina: What can I say about Tina. The first person voted off Survivor All-Stars. That blows.

So in the end I considered giving my vote to: Rupert, Kathy, Rob M, and Shii-Ann.

I voted for Rupert. Vote
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, May 10, 2004

Noah | 05.10.04 - 5:19 pm

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 11:01 AM

Wait till season 9. Won't be to long now.
Prodly| 05.10.04 - 5:33 pm

# posted by Blogger Prodly : 11:01 AM

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