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Friday, April 23, 2004
  The remand of Noam Federman

Something has been really bothering me lately, and that is The Noam Federman issue.

This past September, the Shin Bet snatched Hevron resident Noam Federman and placed him in administrative detention and proceeded to hold him under horrific conditions, much more severe than conditions of known Arab terrorists or known criminals, Jew or Arab. The Shin Bet has not made public there reeason for the detention. Federman has published material explaining how to sustain a GSS (Shin Bet) interrogation without incriminating yourself or others. The booklet basically informs citizens of their rights, but it has proven to be an obstacle to the GSS.

Federman has been placed in a very dangerous situation. He has been jailed with Arab murderers. That’s right. Israel has taken one of her own and jailed him with Jewish baby killers. Just over a year ago Irving Rubin, head of the Jewish Defense League, met a very strange death in prison under similar conditions.

Federman is on a hunger strike. What else can he do?
If before he was not allowed visitors without a glass partition or phone calls, his conditions now are barely improved, if at all. "He is permitted to speak with his family for up to 90 minutes a day," Elisheva Federman (Noam’s wife) told Arutz-7's Yosef Meiri, "but only on a phone that the other inmates told him has a tape-recording device inside. The other inmates refuse to use it for that reason, while Noam is not permitted to use any other phone. How can I speak to my husband under such circumstances? And he is only allowed to call home - but not to his mother, a 75-year-old sickly widow. There must be very important security reasons for that... We are allowed to visit him for a half-hour every two weeks, without a partition between us. To bring seven children for a five-hour trip, and for all of us - even the young children - to undergo body checks, and then to meet with him for just a half-hour - what kind of abuse is this?! And if I only bring two children each time - what, each child should see their father once every two months?... Other prisoners are permitted an hour of visits a week, plus three hours every Rosh Chodesh [once a month], and another 12-hour monthly visit for the wife. Why is he treated so much differently?"

Good question Elisheva. I think the Shin Bet owes us a good fucking explaination. What they are doing to the Federman's is illeagal and immoral and the Jewish world MUST help. The GSS can do whatever they want to the arabs as far as I’m concerned but they cannot be allowed to hold a Jew captive in cruel conditions without charges.

Please sign this petition
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, April 23, 2004

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