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Monday, March 29, 2004
  The root of the problem

I have chosen to address a comment made in the comment section of my article entitled Yassin is dead. The comment was written by one of my oldest and greatest friends, Dov in response to a comment of mine.

I here a lot of talk of the power struggle amongst the various arab groups in Israel, and I dont really care that much. I don’t think we can have a peaceful existence with any of them. Whats the difference between Fatah and Hamas?
Hamas is more radical? Fine. Then the way I see it hamas should take over control of the arabs so maybe it will be easier for the rest of the world to hate them.

Well I guess the question then is why do you believe peace is impossible? Is the hatred between Jews and Arabs fundamental (i.e. a problem of genetics), or is it a cultural difference that runs (terribly) deep?

I assume we can agree that its the 2nd - in which case I think it can be undone. Perhaps it will take 200 years? 300 years? Probably not: - we have peace with Egypt and Jordan in only 50. Granted, this problem is much more complex. Suppose it takes that long: you hope to see Israel around for longer than that, no? Wouldn't it be better to start working towards that goal, instead of deepening the hatred? Israel cannot keep living with this problem on her hands. If she is to survive, eventually we will require an agreement. The sooner we start, the easier it will be.
Dov Gordon

The problem Dov, as I see it goes back to the very beginning. To Avraham and Hagar. Avraham was told by G-d that he would in fact have a child by Sarah, however he did not wait and had a child with Hagar the Egyptian maid of Sarah. The child’s name was Ishmael. Ishmael was the beginning of the current conflict. Ishmael had 12 sons who then became the founders of their own tribes which spread from Egypt to Iraq to become our arab brothers and sworn enemies.

The arabs will not let the Jews live peacefully in Israel. Period. You mention that it only took 50 years to have piece with Egypt and Jordan. If you see peace with these countries as true, I am sorry to say that you are blinded. Egypt constantly supports terror. Most of the weapons of the current intifada are coming from them. They privately and publicly support the uprising. Jordan in not much better. Jordan is 60% Palestinian including Queen Rania. I would say that peace with Jordan is shaky at best.

Peace with the arabs is not possible. It is the cold hard truth. The Israelis MUST take control of the situation by force, not by negotiation with terrorists. The PLO, hamas, islamic jihad, the popular front etc….. all represent the true majority position of the arab world and that is KILL THE JEWS. We must decide the outcome. We must take charge. We must end the current intifada. We must set our own borders. We must rule over the arabs of Israel. If the arabs are not happy living in our democracy, they MUST leave.
- posted by Prodly @ Monday, March 29, 2004

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