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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
  The Fields Rash

I’ll share a little story with you about something the happened to me today. Let me first give you the background:
I think it all began this past November. My wife and I were at Marshall Fields with her brother and his girlfriend. My wife was shopping for a watch and after quite a while she finally decided on one. At the checkout the checkout lady succeeded in convincing us to open a Marshall Fields account by giving us 10% off of our current purchase. Let me say that we almost never shop there and didn’t want a f#*king Marshall Fields card. We did however want 10% off on the watch so we agreed. She took my drivers license and filled out some paperwork for me then gave me a temporary paper card.

After regrouping with our shopping buddies, my brothers girlfriend decided to buy this coat, so I told her to let me buy it with my new card because I have 10% off of anything in the store for the next day. I then paid for the coat and got re-reimbursed immediately.

2 Months later, on a Friday (Erev Shabbat) I am playing Bond on N64 during our weekly pre-Shabbat meet-up I get a call from Marshal Fields. The customer service rep. was talking to me with a very threatening tone. She explained to me that she was calling because I have not yet paid my bill which was 2 months overdue. I always pay bills on time. Always. When I receive a bill I look at the due date and write it on the front of the envelope, then I file it. This is a very easy way to keep track of un-paid bills. So I asked the b%!ch “Well, that’s very interesting. Where did you send the bill?”. She listed my Mom’s old address, which was the address on my license. Ahhhh OK. So you stupid fools filled out the application for me and assumed the address on my drivers license was my current address. Decent assumption, but f%@!ing stupid never the less. I gave her my new address. So I said fine. I’ll pay you by credit card right now. “We don’t take credit card sir”. Marshall f%@!ing Fields doesn’t take credit card payments, huh? “OK well then you aren’t getting paid today. Goodbye” So I went back to Bond and forgot the whole incident.

After about two weeks I received the bill. It has $43 in past due charges. Screw You!
So as I always due, I write the due date (3/24/04) and file the bill. Today, (3/17/04) I get a call at work from another b!#ch with an attitude. OK now I’m really getting irritated. I told the b!#ch off something like this: “I never wanted your card in the first place, you have the wrong f%@king address on the account, you are just plain f%@king rude, and you are charging me $43 for your mistake??!!!” So I pay the balance (through check by phone!) minus the $43 in late fees. My exact words were, “You know what? I feel like being a stickler today. I’m not paying you that late fee!”

I hate people.
- posted by Prodly @ Wednesday, March 17, 2004

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