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Thursday, March 11, 2004
  Even Sh'siyah

Let me start out by saying that I was probably the first Even Sh’siyah fan ever. I was there at the beginning. It all started in Steve Wruble’s basement. I was probably around 12 years of age and 100% punk. My best friend Roberto and I thought drummer Matt Kanter was the coolest person on Earth and we used to roadie for him. Whenever. Wherever. Anyways, these guys were fucking awesome. They had a great time jamming and we had a great time listening.

11 years later…..

Steve moved out of town (and also put out a pretty decent solo album), Paul (original guitarist) got married, became religious, moved to Skokie, quit band. Ok fine. The band was still looking very promising at this point. They had Leash, Eli, David, and Matt.

I think the problem with Even Sh’siyah is that it is the only Jewish rock band of its kind in the Chicago land area and therefore any religious Jew that thinks they can play an instrument wants to join. My opinion is that the core band should have just stood there ground and kept that door shut! Of course this did not happen.

Next addition: Mitch Jacoby. I guess they wanted Mitch because the band only had 2 guitarists at that point and every band needs 3 guitarists. Bad move.

Next addition: Zev Goldberg. Zev Goldberg is a very talented percussionist and noise maker. Zev is one addition that I can’t complain about because I have seen his creativity being in a band with him. Also, Zev being the youngest member of Even Sh’siyah gives them a little more of a youthful look. As a group.

Wait. The fun doesn’t stop at Zev.

Next addition: Mark Freedman. They say that Mark Freedman plays keyboard. Maybe he does but I’m going to say..Not. He comes to all the gigs with a keyboard and stands in front of it. But not once have I seen or heard him play it. I’ve seen him look at it. I’ve seen him walk around it. I have yet to hear him play it. So where I stand on Freedman is pretty obvious. Dump the poor guy before you embarrass him or the band any furthur.

In conclusion I will say that I am one person who deserves to come down harsh on these guys because I have stuck with them from the beginning. I know most of them very well and they are great guys. Prominent members of the community. Their 2 albums rock. Bottom line: They will probably never get there act together or ever reach there full potential because it just to fucking late. They peaked 5 years ago. I would say that as long as it keeps them happy….Kol ha Kovod.
- posted by Prodly @ Thursday, March 11, 2004

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