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Friday, March 12, 2004
  Bye Bye Colby

Anyone watch Survivor last night? Kicked ass. This was definitely the best tribal council of Survivor All-Stars. The episode starts out with Jerri performing her usual morning whine, while the rest of Mogo Mogo rolls there eyes and grits there teeth. Then we get tree-mail which reveals that there will be only one challenge this episode. It will be a combination reward/immunity and in addition, the winning tribe will select one player from the losing tribe to join them in there yacht BBQ. Thanks to Ethan’s regularly scheduled challenge fuck up (How do you expect to catch fish if you can’t even untie a f&#%ing knot?!!) Mogo Mogo losses the challenge. So after about 5 seconds of strategizing, Chapera selects Kathy to join them (This was definitely a great choice for Chapera) and they enjoy a huge meal, open bar, and dessert on a beautiful little oasis.

Meanwhile at Mogo Mogo……..

Ethan apologizes to his tribe for f&*#ing up the challenge, while Shii-Ann is dreaming about life without Jerri (so am I BTW). It seems that the easiest and most obvious choice for person to vote off the island would be Jerri. She’s irritating, lazy, useless, and they all hate her. Now begins what I consider to be the best strategizing in the game so far.
Lex decides to dump Colby. Colby is physically the strongest person on Mogo Mogo, and he is also the one initially responsible for voting off King Hatch in place of jester Ethan. Lex and Colby have been pretty tight up until the last episode where Lex drops the bomb and hints to us that he will eliminate Colby. Dumping Colby before a merge is the best possible move for Lex. So Lex calls Jerri aside to tell her that the tribe is dumping Ethan (or so Colby thinks) but really he is telling her of the new plan on the table. Operation: Dump Cocky Texan. Jerri is all over that plan and Lex proceeds to educate Shii-Ann. The editing leads us to believe that Shii-Ann isn’t sure who to vote out. Jerri or Colby?

At TC Jerri is blabbing to Jeff something about being optimistic and a good strategist. Huh??!! You annoying fool! Anyways Shii-Ann the swing vote in the end did what she was told (go figure) and dumped Colby. And thus concludes the ultimate blind-side.

Episode MVP: Lex
- posted by Prodly @ Friday, March 12, 2004

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